The life and positive impact of Tony Petrello in the community

Tony Petrello has been offering support to researchers so as to find the treatment of neurological diseases in the medical society. Anthony together with his wife are doing whatever they can to help bring new research which could help in the health industry. Caren is the daughter of Anthony and Cynthia Petrello, she was born prematurely and has neurological disorder that affects brain ability.

She is eight years old, she has never been able to eat since last year when she had a chew of food for the first time. Tony was very happy because he saw it as a progress and a miracle as well. Their daughter is one of the main reasons for Tony and his wife donating funds to the research institute for the doctors to be able to find the solution.

They also did raise funds so that other families who do not have the capability to pay for the services for their children to receive treatment. Anthony has got two degrees in mathematics from Yale University and a degree in law from Harvard Law School. However, instead of venturing into law, he decided to focus on the oil industry.

Anthony is the president and also the CEO of Nabors Industries which deals with drilling the gas and oil well that produce energy to run industries. Anthony Petrello was born in Newark, New Jersey. However, he started his career at a law firm in the Bakar and Mckenzie.

He joined the firm in 1979 but after several years, he achieved to be the Managing Partner. He succeeded to become the president of Nabors Industries in 1991 which is the main drilling contractor in USA. Nabors Industries was found in 1968 as Anglo Energy Limited based in Hamilton.

Nabors Industry got well skilled professionals in their department hence improving their standards and transforming the industry to be better over the years. Researchers in the Neurological Research Institute found out that there are not enough research for the children who are suffering from brain disorders. The physicians of Texas Children’s Hospital attend to the daughter of Tony on a day to day basis.

In 2007, Anthony and his wife contributed $50 Million for the establishment of a Neurological Research Institute that started to operate three years later. The main aim of the facility was to help come up with ideas as well as treat children of all ages with neurological disorders.

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