Stream Energy: Providing Quality Energy for the People

Stream Energy is a Dallas based company that was established in August 2004. The company started as a small energy provider in Texas, but as the demand for energy increases, the company began to serve other cities near Dallas, and soon after, Stream Energy has been supplying the energy for most of the state. Stream Energy offers affordable energy products, which is why more people are starting to shift from their old power providing company to Stream Energy. Business is going strong for Stream Energy, and when they had the chance to operate outside Texas, they immediately took the opportunity and set up a base in the northeastern part of the United States.


Everyone knew how terrible winter could be in the northeastern region of the United States, more commonly known as New England. As ice and snow pile up, the temperature dramatically drops and the people living in New England needs more energy for heat and electricity. Stream Energy decided to operate in the northeastern region because of the increasing demand for energy, and one of the latest states which are now enjoying their services would be the state of Delaware. The people from Delaware welcome Stream Energy and stated that they are looking forward to experiencing their products and services. The people of Delaware have been using the energy from major players, and they feel dissatisfied with how they are being treated – they are tired of unreliable services and expensive energy rates ( Stream Energy, on the other hand, promised their new customers and clients that they will be enjoying the products and service from the company and that they will never regret their decision to shift to Stream Energy.


Stream Energy presently services eight states, and they are also operating in Washington D.C. Stream Energy continues to grow from a small energy provider to one of the most competitive in the market. The present chief executive officer of the company stated that they are confident that the company will continue to grow, and they are looking forward to more opportunities to build power plants and satellite offices to more states.

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