Paul Mampilly:Helping Ordinary People Gain Wealth Through Investing

Not long ago Paul Mampilly was directing multi-billion dollar funds for asset management firms. But after seeing countless small investors lose their money while fund managers thrived, he left Wall Street after 20 years and is committed to helping average Americans to make millions of dollars. Mampilly does so through his subscription service The Professional Speculator. Through it he advises clients of his Durham, North Carolina based firm Capuchin Consulting and gives them the benefit of his vast knowledge of financial management.

As the financial crisis was beginning, Paul Mampilly won the prestigious John Stapleton Foundation prize for helping investors make record returns through his accurate market analysis. As editor and investment director of FDA Trader he created lucrative investment ideas for Agora Financial. Now he’s created the Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes financial newsletters to show average Americans how to amass wealth through investing in stocks. The investment advisory newsletter has 60,000 weekly subscribers. They use the information to control their brokerage accounts. Paul Mampilly also has an infomercial showing his success at picking stocks.

Paul Mampilly studied financial engineering at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, Economics at Hunter College and earned an MBA from Fordham Gabelli School of Business. He says his college degree got him a Wall Street job, but reading over a 1000 books on investing and trial-and-error has led to his success. Mampilly lets subscribers see his model portfolio and gives them guidance on future trends like the millennial generation’s preferences, the Internet of Things and hardware and software advances. He walked away from Wall Street because he wanted to help more ordinary people and that is just what he’s doing now.

In addition to his unique vision and ability to understand the machinations of the stock market, Paul Mampilly’s diverse skillset also sets him apart. He has a solid background in investments, hedge funds, portfolio management, equities, asset management, mutual funds, trading, alternative investments, financial analysis, valuation, investment strategies and much more. Add his ability to communicate with investors in simple, easy-to-understand terms and its easy to see why his client base is growing exponentially.