How Wild Ark Inspired my Lowcountry Adventure

I recently made a connection with Wild Ark (, an incredible and visionary company that introduced me to the idea of eco-friendly travel. The company was created by a truly inspiring husband and wife duo with the goal of encouraging others to visit different areas of our planet and immerse themselves with nature, while focusing on sustainability and protecting our world for generations to come.


The excursions offered by Wild Ark were truly wonderful, Alaskan adventures, African trips and many more that would be the experience of a lifetime.


As a college student, these are out of my realm for now. However, I did make a recent trip to Edisto Island, South Carolina and decided I would try, in my own way, to make it an eco-travel trip.


While many of my friends took spring break in Charleston’s Folly beach for beachy sun and fun, I chose the more secluded Edisto Island that is full of rich history and incredible Lowcountry scenery.


I made a point to find an eco-friendly destination and found a series of small cabins in a state park that backed right up to one of the tidal marshes. My first night was incredible. Always staying in a hotel or house on these trips, I felt so close to the nature and thought deeply of all that this marsh had seen through its years of existence. It was absolutely thrilling to know I could open my window and see sights and sounds I had never truly seen before.


The next day, I set out to explore the gorgeous marshes and swamplands of the lowcountry through a kayak and rafting tour – rafting for some of swamps with more critters and shallower waters.


It was truly the best views of a lifetime. I found an experienced guide that specialized in discussing the nature, animals and plants of the region, rather than just a sightseeing our. He taught us about the rich history of the Gullah people in the area, how food had been gathered from these marshes over the years and how those traditions are still alive today.


Needless to say, I am now a true believer in eco-tourism and hope to one day take a Wild Ark adventure!


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