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Making a Difference through Philanthropy

Adam Milstein believes that giving back to the community enriches society and promotes well-being. He has participated in the elevation of many causes. The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation is highly active in strengthening Jewish people. Adam and his wife commit to a tireless effort. Their hands on involvement makes an important impact on those they choose to work with.

Milstein is a native of Israel. He served in the country’s Armed Forces. After his mandatory term in the military Adam got involved with his father’s real estate company. He met his wife Gila and had two children. Milstein moved his family from Israel to the United States after completing his college education. He went on to receive a master’s degree at the University Southern California. Soon he was working in real estate as an agent and his talent was evident from the beginning. He now has a huge real estate firm with interest and holdings all over the country.

Milstein has applied his diligent work ethic to philanthropy as well. He believes that the same philosophy applies to charitable efforts as they do business in order to be productive. His methods have been proven successful. His work in the Jewish community has been recognized in the United States and Israel.

The Milstein Foundation ensures that they commit ample time to the causes and organizations that they are involved in. Each program is thought out in extreme detail. There is no room for guess work. Organizers must be certain that their efforts are being affective in the arena that they are operating in. This is what Milstein calls Active Philanthropy. Life Path is the method that monitors the progress a particular program. It begins with studying the funds and resources of all foundation participants.

Applying these resources in the early stages of community life increases the impact made on each person. Subjects are evaluated from childhood through adolescence and each stage of adult life. Studies have shown that such a process increases the value of the programs and their objectives. Philanthropist Synergy is the philosophy that involves more than one charitable organization. Creating strength in numbers with other teams brings significant power to the overall agenda. A force of many becomes extremely powerful as compared to a force of one.