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Deputy José Manuel González Thinks Oil Rich Venezuela Is In Disaster Mode

The Deputy of the National Assembly in the Venezuelan state of Guárico is fed up with his country’s government. José Manuel González served as president of the Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce, and he is currently serving as the deputy of the Guárico National Assembly. González is a well-known agricultural entrepreneur, and he is proud of the farms in his state. But the government of Nicolas Maduro has confiscated a lot of those farms, and he has let them deteriorate to the point where nothing is being produced. The severe food shortage in Venezuela is a product of that deterioration, according to González.

Food is not the only commodity that is scarce. The Maduro government has confiscated businesses and that has created a shortage of medical equipment, diapers, toilet paper and other essential household items. Women are crossing the border and buying food and supplies in Colombia for their families with the little money they have left. The middle-class in Venezuela is starving, and González said many of those people are turning into robbers in order to feed their children. Caracas has become a violent city, and other major cities are turning violent as well.

Mr. González has identified the problem, but his hands are tied until Maduro is removed from office. Maduro is using the military to distribute food and to control the ports, so the country is now under the control of the military and that doesn’t sit well with Mr. González. But González is not giving up. There is a petition with more than a million signatures that is calling for the removal of Maduro from office. The handpicked Chavez predecessor is under attack, by some of the members of the National Assembly, but he’s not going out without a fight. González thinks Maduro enlisted the help of the military to stop the decent that is taking place within his government.

Venezuela needs help, and several nations are trying to help, but Maduro refuses to listen. No one is sure how long it will take for Venezuela to recover from the Maduro economic decisions, but a spike in oil prices could help ease some of the pain, according to some members of the government.