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Dick DeVos Masters The Worlds Of Business, Philanthropy And Politics

Anyone who hears the name Richard “Dick” DeVos Jr. may find themselves thinking about the successful global company founded by DeVos’s father and his late business partner Jay Van Andel. Van Andel and Richard DeVos Sr. founded the global network sales firm in 1959 in Michigan. Through the leadership of Jay Van Andel, Richard DeVos Sr. and Dick DeVos Amway has grown from being a small family business that according to DeVos was at one point operating in the basement of the family home to a multinational corporation that brought in nearly $10 billion in 2015. While the name DeVos is synonymous in many households with the success of Amway, it is important to note that Dick DeVos, the co-founder’s son and namesake, has done more than help build his family’s business into the profitable business that it is today. Dick DeVos has also worked to build businesses other than Amway.

In the 1980s he decided to launch his own company known as The Windquest Group. The Windquest Group is an investment management company that works in a wide range of sectors that include hospitality, technology, innovation, non-profit and clean energy. Some of the companies in The Windquest Group’s portfolio include beverage brand Boxed Water, Home organization company The Stow Company, heat recovery company ElectraTherm, the early stage venture capital firm RPM Ventures and the crowd source delivery service known as Deliv.

After launching his company The Windquest Group DeVos would go on to work in the world of high profile sports management. In the 90s the DeVos family would acquire the Orlando Magic, a team that is part of the National Basketball Association. Dick DeVos was selected to lead the Orlando Magic’s business operations. Dick DeVos started a second chapter at his family’s company by serving as the President of the Amway Corporation in 1993. He lead the company for several years and helped lead its integration into a parent company known as the Alticor Corporation. During DeVos’s tenure at Amway and Alticor, he helped lead the company’s expansion overseas into a large number of countries on six out of seven continents. After achieving success in the private sector Dick DeVos has since turned his attention to the worlds of philanthropy and politics. He and his wife are involved in philanthropy through their eponymous charity The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The foundation does charitable work through its support of education and the arts. Politically DeVos has been involved with organizations that have supported the mission of the school choice movement. His work has expanded the school choice movement in the United States.