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FreedomPop Brings Choice to Consumers

For a few years now CEO Stephen Stokols has been steadily guiding his company, FreedomPop, into becoming one of the top tier mobile carriers on the market. Now, FreedomPop isn’t a house hold name like Verizon or US Cellular — but does that mean they aren’t of the same quality? When you shop for a mobile carrier you need to be on the lookout for a company that can help you out. What FreedomPop has been doing is fundamentally changing the market and it deserves a closer inspection.


What brings fans to FreedomPop in droves is their headlining program: the core free program. FreedomPop aims to provide all users, at the very least, with a completely free phone plan. Users on this free phone plan are offered unlimited texting, 200 minutes of voice, and 500 MB of 4G mobile data. If you want more than what this offers then you can pay for upgrades otherwise you are only ever beholden to charges if you exceed your limits. This core program is offered without a contract and you can even bring your pre-existing phone to the plan. Of course, FreedomPop is also getting in on the hardware plan as well.


What makes FreedomPop so interesting in our opinion is that it brings choice back to the consumer. There are no restrictive contracts, no costly buyouts, and absolutely no hidden fees. FreedomPop gives customers the chance to tailor their phone plan to their needs. If you don’t need excessive data or unlimited voice minutes, don’t pay for it. If you DO want those upgrades then go ahead and pay for them. The ‘Premium’ Base Plan starts at only $4 per month. The 2GB mobile data plan is only $19.99. FreedomPop’s most expensive plans are still cheap relative to their competitors right now.