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Jorge Moll: The Man’s Morality and Power of Giving

The Power of Giving is one of the most talked-about ideas today about the idea of kindness as a powerful tool to bond with people and communities. In this article, we will talk about Jorge Moll in the light of how this power of giving is understood (DiasDaCruz). We will also explore some of the ideas in most of Jorge Moll’s work to know why his ideas could be some of the most powerful concepts being discussed today. Let’s start?


The Power of Giving Research

According to Live Science, the idea of giving has primitive roots, and our default setting as people tend to lean towards giving yourself to others and to give away what we have. It was even shown in the study, along with Jorge Moll’s participation, that the part of the brain that’s most active in decision making that involves kindness will be in the prefrontal cortex. This is the part of the brain that always lights up when there’s an act of giving from the person (


It is also found in the article that the idea of altruism seems to scatter around us as if it is our second nature. It was even shown that altruism could be a miracle drug that has been with us for around two decades already. The euphoric feelings that we all receive when we help others give us a guarantee that the concept of helping as a powerful tool does really exist. It is equally accurate to say that Jorge Moll’s study of morality and how it is part of our nature bore a strong resemblance to the concept of altruism as a miracle drug.


Cognitive and Morality Research

Jorge Moll is right now the director of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience in reliable and prestigious institutions. It is also safe to say that what makes Jorge Moll stand out today may also have something to do with the fact that he went at the D’Or Institute for Research and Education, which is also involved in various studies that have to do with Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. That said, Jorge Moll has still a lot to expect in his career in the later years.