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SahmAdrangi has become well known for his shorting of certain sectors, and for the exposure of many fraudulent companies that span a wide range of industries. Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer and the Founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. The firm was started with only a $1 million dollar investment, and since its inception in 2009, it has grown to become a multi million dollar investment firm. Adrangi has involved himself with every aspect of the development with the firm. SahmAdrangi is also known as a short seller and publisher of research. He shares the stocks views of his company with many who may not be understood by the market.

SahmAdrangi and his firm, Kerrisdale, focuses on correcting misconceptions of the fundamental, and the business prospects of certain companies. The research done by Kerrisdale is shared on their official website, on Twitter, and on other sites where the interest is on investment related topics. Over the years, SahmAdrangi and Kerrisdale have become experts in various companies, and are focusing their efforts on specific sectors. One area of focus is the bio-technology sector, and Kerrisdale has researched and published information on companies that are in the development stage. There have been many reports published on some of the well known telecommunications companies. Various weaknesses in this sector were exposed.

SahmAdrangi and his firm Kerrisdale, has been reporting the misconceptions of various companies, and is now being echoed by other hedge fund management groups. Although his approach has been described as circumspect, he enjoys the harsh nature of activist investing. Adrangi has accumulated over $250 million dollars over the past few years. That may not be a considerable amount for most, but at the age of thirty two, he has made great strides for himself. Along with his research reporting, and financial management attributes, Mr. Arangi is also an adviser to credit committees involving bankruptcy, and the resolution of restructuring situations out of the courts.

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