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Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Supports Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Hawaii

In less than half a decade, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcano Water has launched into the bottled water market and established itself. Waiakea water is simply a fresh, unique, mineral-infused, electrolyte and alkaline rich water that comes from volcanic springs in Mauna Lua, Hawaii.

Waiakea water was co-founded by Ryan Emmons when he was a 22-year old college freshmen. He discovered the volcanic water when his family would vacation in Hawaii, and he knew the water from this volcanic spring would excel above the other brands, so he established the company. He used the principles from the motto “Drink Healthy, Drink Sustainably, Drink Ethically” as his foundation.

According to Global News Wire, the success of Waiakea water is evident in the sales increase that has occurred since 2012, when, in the first year, the sales were 2,304 cases. By 2016, sales rose to 122,400 cases, and today, in 2017, the company is valued at $10 million. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

As CEO and manager, Emmons has devoted the company to using sustainable environmentally-friendly packaging of the natural, alkaline-balanced volcano water. When you purchase Waiakea water, you are truly getting the delicious electrolyte-filled water and your money’s worth.

Wanderlust Yoga Festival and #Follow Your Flow Social Media Contest

This year, Ryan Emmons is launching the #Follow Your Flow Social Media Contest. The winner will receive a round-trip flight to Oahu, Hawaii, worth up to $1,000 in free airfare, compliments of Skyscanner. The contest was inspired by the dedication to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle with Waiakea water.

The event is called the Wanderlust Yoga Festival, and it took place from February 23-26 with three days of live music, outdoor adventures, natural sustainable and local food and world-class yoga instructors and meditations.

Well-known yogi Kameron Waters defines ‘flow’ as ‘a timeless and effortless state of being and complete absorption and optimum performance or being in ‘the zone.’ This describes the synergy that exists between Waiakea and the yoga community, and this Festival is designed to be a fun and exciting event for all.

The #FollowYourFlow contest lasts until January 31, so on February 1, the winner will be announced. In addition to supporting this fabulous Fest in Hawaii, Ryan Emmons also Gives Back five percent of the revenue from Waiakea to INPEACE and KUPU.

Waiakea water also donates water to the people of Malawi with a clean water renewal program with PumpAid. Waiakea is a superior example of a successful new company founded and directed towards millennials.