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Visual Search: Finding What You Need is a Snap

Have you ever experienced the frustration of knowing what something looks like but having no idea what it’s called? Maybe you’re trying to find that green and white toy for your cousin, but all you have is a photo. Perhaps you’ve also experienced a case where you have a product you love, but the label is worn off and you don’t remember what it was called so you’re not sure how to search for it. Visual search engines were created for times like these, and they can help you immensely when you’re trying to find an answer with only an image.

The Development of Visual Search Engines

Visual search engines were created in response to many things. However, retail markets were perhaps one of the most influential powers behind the creation of visual search. If you see an advertisement with a dress you want but it doesn’t tell you how to buy it, you can snap a picture of the ad, upload it into a visual search engine, and get a result. These types of searches have made the world of retail even more lucrative, and visual search has also made shopping a much more enjoyable and efficient experience.

Social Media and Visual Search

Another player in visual search engines is social media, primarily platforms with a visual nature like Pinterest or Instagram. Let’s say you’re browsing on Pinterest and you see a gorgeous sofa you want for your home, but there’s no information on how to buy it. Now you can upload the picture into a visual search engine and you’ll be given a list of places where you can buy that sofa or similar sofas.

Slyce and Product Recognition

Google has an image search, but most people are aware that it’s not exactly perfect. This gap in the market hasn’t gone unnoticed by technology developers like Slyce. Slyce is fast becoming one of the most popular product recognition search engines on the internet, and for good reason. Its specialty is being able to recognize images of products from the store, on models, from pictures taken of advertisements, and other image sources. If you see someone wearing a beautiful pair of boots but you don’t want to ask them where they found them, just take a picture and Slyce will do the rest, returning various results and shopping options.

The future of visual search is unlimited, and only time will tell what kinds of applications developers will make. In the meantime, using product recognition engines like Slyce can help you find the products you need even if you only have a picture.