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Two of the Best Ski Resorts In California

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are two of the greatest ski resorts in Northern California. They are both famous ski resorts in their own right but now they will share another special connection. The owners of Squaw Valley, KSL Capital Partners, recently decided to purchase Alpine Meadows on What this means is that soon the two ski resorts will be united as one for the pleasure of ski resort goers.

For many years Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley were separated by their own unique ski passes and even had different ski cultures despite the fact that the resorts are close by and that you can see one mountain from the top of the other. Before, if you wanted to switch which resort you were at you would have to take a long drive. That long drive will not be necessary in the future. KSL Capital Partners is going to build a gondola that will connect Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley.

The gondola connecting the two ski resorts will have three partitions. It will begin at the foot of Squaw Valley Ski resort, then it will travel over the steep ridge that separates the two mountains and lastly it will stop at the base of Alpine Meadows. The CEO of the new joint company Squaw Alpine, Andy Wirth, has said that connecting the two resorts has been requested by skiers for decades and to some it represents the fulfillment of a dream. In fact, the ambition to unite the two resorts and to build a gondola has been present for many years. The deal finally came to fruition thanks to Troy Caldwell. He owns the 460 acre land between the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows so it was impossible to build the gondola without his permission. This area is called the “White Wolf” area. The gondola will also pass in part through land owned by the US Government but it has received approval.

Now that the two resorts are united they may form the largest ski area in the Northern California as well and it will be able to deliver on of the greatest ski experiences in all of North America. Skiers will be able to purchase a season pass that allows them to ski as much as they want at either resort and get unlimited access to the gondola. 25 percent of customers already ski at both Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows on the same day so those numbers will be sure to increase when the gondola is done.