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Chet Only Eats Wet Dog Food Made By Beneful

I have a Pekingese named Chet and he is very affectionate, stubborn, and intelligent. Chet is stubborn because he won’t eat dog food unless it is wet dog food. Chet absolutely despises dry dog food and simply won’t eat or even try it when it is put in front of him. For the longest time, I also could not get Chet to even eat wet dog food. The only reason that Chet eats at all now is because I luckily found Beneful dog food on a Wal-Mart grocery. Chet loves Beneful as much as he loves dog treats and playing outside. Chet’s four favorite Beneful wet dog foods are Beneful incredibites, Beneful chopped blends, Romana style medley, and chicken stew. There are many different Beneful flavors of both incredibites and chopped blends. The flavor of Beneful chopped blends wet dog food [] that I give to Chet is the salmon flavor with sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach in it. Beneful is not only great because they have so many dog foods to choose from but they are also great because they put healthy ingredients like spinach into their dog foods. The flavor of Beneful incredibites wet dog food that I give to Chet is the beef flavor. Beneful incredibites wet dog food in the beef flavor not only has beef in it but it also is made with tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice which also makes it extremely healthy like the Beneful chopped blends dog food that I give Chet also. In the Beneful Romana style medley that I feed to Chet, there is chicken, carrots, pasta, and spinach in it. Romana style medley is actually Chet’s favorite dog food out of all four of the dog foods that I feed him because it is like his own taste of Italy in a container. I am overjoyed that I was able to come across Beneful dog food because without it Chet would still just look at his food bowl and then at me like I am extremely crazy for expecting him to eat the food I tried to give him in the past. Beneful is also available online, through their amazon website.

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