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Thor Halvorssen Adds The Biggest Donors To The Human Rights Foundation

Despite only being seen as a small fish in a very large and expanding ocean of human rights activists operating around the world the Human Rights Foundation headed by Thor Halvorssen has quickly grown to become one of the best known groups in the world. Thor Halvorssen may only work with a group of 12 trusted activists who have a long history of their own in politics or activism on a personal level, but he has led the Human Rights Foundation on a journey that now sees some of the world’s top philanthropists provide funding for the group.

Among those who have recently been providing funding for the HRF are PayPal founder Peter Thiel and Google executive Sergey Brin. The funds raised are used to allow those working with the Human Rights Foundation to create a new and exciting era in activism, including the growth of the Oslo Freedom Forum that has become one of the world’s top destinations for global activists. The major events created by the Human Rights Foundation are accompanied by smaller events that are not publicized to the same extent as the Oslo Freedom Forum where more informal discussions are held between activists and donors from various parts of the world.

Throughout his life and career Thor Halvorssen has been willing to put himself in the firing line alongside those he has worked with over the years. The illegal imprisonment of Halvorssen’s father obviously had a major effect on the activist and led to his decision to lead a demonstration calling for China’s government to create anti slave labor laws that would certify all products were made free from imprisoned people.

Thor Halvorssen believes human rights and freedom of expression should be available to all, including those in countries supposed to be free in many different ways. points out that Halvorssen has been a leader of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which works to cross political divides to make sure students are aware of their individual human rights in the U.S.

More information can be found on Thor’s Facebook page.