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The Impressive Strategy of Fabletics

Fabletics has achieved what seemed to be the impossible. Fashion is a hard enough industry to succeed in, but with Amazon controlling 20 percent of the entire industry’s e-commerce market, succeeding in fashion is even harder. Despite the odds, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is doing just that.

Kate Hudson has brilliantly grown Fabletics into a $250 million business in just three years. Part of Fablietic’s success comes from its participation in the ‘activewear’ movement. Activewear has become very popular among millennials. It’s athletic wear that they can also wear when out and about. And Fabletics is one of the most affordable brands making activewear.

Having affordable products isn’t all Fabletics offers. Especially today, consumers want more than just good prices. High-value brands are no longer based on price and quality. The modern consumer wants something more for their favorite companies. These days, companies are focused on created better customer experience, last-mile service, and brand recognition.

Like another e-commerce companies, like Warby Parker, Fabletics is expanding into the real world. Its strategy of opening physical stores is paying off big time. Currently, the brand only has 16 stores in places like Hawaii, Florida, and California. Soon, it’ll be ready to open more stores.

Fabletics even invented an innovative strategy to opening its physical stores. Most retail stores get killed by people looking around their stores but never buying anything. People do that because they’re going to buy what they want from another company online for cheaper. Fabletics figured out a way to use people’s browsing habits to boost sales at its stores.

Fabletic’s retail stores host events and other activities to get to know the local markets and build relationships. Those stores use the knowledge to stock their inventory with products that customers in that area are more likely to purchase, thus, making the customers feel special.

There are a lot of people talking about Fabletics, but the brand’s biggest accomplishment is price. Everything about Fabletics can easily rival that of other more expensive brands, but Fabletic’s prices have no competition. Members can get two or three Fabletics items for the same price of one pair of Lululemon leggings. Better still; members can skip monthly membership fees if they aren’t going to buy anything that month.

Anyone interested in Fabletics should take their lifestyle quiz.

Kate Hudson Powers Fabletics to Continued Success

The athleisure market segment continues to grow at an incredibly healthy clip, and Fabletics is at the head of the pack. This online subscription model is the brainchild of actress Kate Hudson, and since its founding in 2013 its growth has done nothing but impress market insiders. The apparel segment of the retail market has suffered through difficult periods with one challenge after another. It seems that a different, and well-established retail outlet closes each week. This current difficult environment highlights the strength of Fabletics’ success.


Their reverse showroom model has been one of the necessary pivots that put Fabletics in a category by itself. This model allows customers to browse where and how it wishes. While many retailers despair of shoppers browsing their websites and then buying elsewhere, Fabletics welcomes customers to browse and shop as they see fit. With the introduction of traditional shops in addition to their targeted local events, Fabletics has intertwined the two sales platforms and encourages its members to browse and shop in their own manner. This lack of sales pressure has helped the brand to be embraced by its community.


The company encourages members to browse the site and then shop at one of their bricks and mortar shops, or in the inverse, to utilize their local store to try on items and then order from home. In fact, the company is so integrated that if you try on a product at a store, the same item will automatically appear in the member’s online shopping cart.


Kate Hudson is thrilled with the success of the company and believes that big data has played a significant role in the growing and continued success of Fabletics. The firm monitors customers browsing and shopping habits and has fine-tuned their analytics down to the local level. This data mining allows the brand to adapt to design trends that occur on a regional level and by using this model the likelihood of selling items in their stores is much higher.


The actress and entrepreneur believes that staying in a hands-on role is the right way for her to lead the company. Her guidance has created such things as the site’s Lifestyle Quiz that is an interactive way for customers to discover which of the great Fabletics gear best fits their style and fitness needs. The quiz is a lot of fun and a great way to learn more!

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Dominating Fashion E-Commerce

When movie star Kate Hudson launched Fabletics, her athletic apparel brand, in 2013, it was strictly an online retail brand. Coinciding with the rising popularity of wearing athletic gear as everyday wear, Hudson demonstrated a true understanding of fashion consumer trends.


Hudson herself was no stranger to the athletic apparel industry. Her Instagram account, which boasts millions of followers, is full of images of her in her favorite workout gear, offering tons of fitness tips to her loyal fans. Even before launching Fabletics, many were impressed by how Hudson had managed to reinvent herself from glitzy movie star to a respected wellness guru.


However, few were aware of Hudson’s entrepreneurial genius. When the Fabletics website was launched, it was based off of a unique subscription service model. While anyone can order athletic gear directly from the company’s website, customers are highly encouraged to join the VIP membership program. This subscription-based program allows members to receive a full workout outfit each month for a monthly fee of $49.95. The first outfit is half the price. Shipping is always free.


When notable bloggers Joanie and Heather of signed up to become VIP members, they had their doubts that the clothing would live up to the hype since the price was so low. However, they were happy to report that Fabletics clothes are built with high quality materials.


Like all subscribers, they filled out a questionnaire upon signing up for the program. This questionnaire gives Fabletics insight into each subscriber’s unique fitness and fashion preferences, allowing the company to pick out the outfit so that subscribers don’t have to.


$250 million in revenue later, it’s clear that this unique business model worked. Because of the company’s success, Hudson has been able to launch a handful of brick-and-mortar Fabletics stores across the United States and is planning on launching even more across the world over the next three to five years. These stores aren’t your average retail stores, however; instead of being intended to earn the company additional revenue, they exist to encourage customers to sign up to become VIP members, earning the company more revenue online.


This concept is called the “reverse showroom.” Physical stores are built so that customers can see the products in person before buying them online. This strategy most appeals to customers who like to feel and see clothing in person before buying.


Every element of the physical Fabletics stores is designed in a way that encourages customers to buy online. When customers try on clothes in the dressing room, these items show up in their online shopping carts. While in the store, Fabletics employees encourage customers to sign up to the membership. So far, 25 percent of physical store customers have signed up to become VIP members. 35 percent of customers who make a purchase at a physical Fabletics store are already members.


Thanks to the enormous success of this concept, Fabletics is continuing to outshine other fashion retailers. The brand has even managed to outsell Amazon’s fashion department. Hudson’s innovative ideas have proven that she deeply understands online consumer trends.

Why Is Fabletics Battling Amazon For Business?

Fabletics is not in a direct battle with Amazon for business, but they wish to take back a bit of clothing market from the retailer. The Fabletics name started with Kate Hudson and her desire to create gym clothes women may wear around town. The commercial for the brand feature Kate in clothes she designed for the line, and he wants women to feel confident even as they hardly dress up. This article shows women how they may shop with Fabletics more confident than ever.


#1: Amazon Uses Reversed Showroom Tactics In Their New Stores


Amazon understands it is quite popular online, and customers enter their stores knowing what they are getting into. The idea helps customers buy quickly, and volume remains high. The traditional model of a company starting in a brick-and-mortar structure, expanding online and growing their business is not ideal for everyone. Fabletics could not have started in traditional stores, and they may now open over 100 stores without a thought.


#2: How Far Will Fabletics Expand?


The company started as a subscription service that brought about style boxes for women every month. The catalog grew to include swimwear and casual evening attire. Women shopped the site every day, and they became popular enough to consider opening stores. Fabletics will expand into stores as women who are skeptical must try their clothes on in the store. The company offer a lovely store experience, and they are free to pile their clothes into every store for customers.


Opening over 100 stores will reach every major shopping mall in America, and the business will diversify as it chooses to straddle the line between online and standard operations. Kate Hudson will continue building the business, and she will design clothes that she intends to wear herself.


#3: What Is The Business Empowering Of Women?


Fabletics empowers women as it allows them to look good even if they wear clothes that are not considered chic in most circles. The company turned the page on chic casual clothing by practically inventing athleisure, and the trend has taken over the fashion world. Anyone who wishes to dress well will find it quite simple when they come to Fabletics, and there are quite a few women who would prefer to dress down when they leave the house.


Kate wears the clothes in her commercials to assure women she loves the brand, and ladies who see a superstar in the same clothes realize they are all working moms with busy schedules. Women who trust in Fabletics may tackle the day in something that makes them feel adorable and strong.


The Fabletics business plan has them moving into new stores around North America in the near future, and they will take back a bit of the clothing market from Amazon by using an old Amazon technique of reversed showrooming. A woman who turns up in a Fabletics store will see even more than she found on the website the first time she saw Kate wearing the clothes.