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Betsy DeVos Gives towards Positive Change

Betsy DeVos has been an active politician since her college days at Michigan University. She was then known as Elisabeth Prince, and she would always vie for political positions that interested her in the college. Due to her influence and ability to deliver her promises, students elected her in various positions to represent them. Many reports show that she always met the people’s expectations and surpassed them. In a similar way, Betsy DeVos pursues political interests to the present day. Betsy takes on projects or initiatives that help transform the society in a positive manner. She was elected as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party four consecutive times. She has also held many political positions and chaired committees and commissions that form political parties. However, right now she has shifted her attention to cases that are related to education reform system.

Betsy and Dick DeVos believe that the current education system is limiting to the kids, who come from the wrong zip codes. These children are most times unable to achieve the American dream thanks to the limits of the old public school system. Betsy and Dick DeVos mainly give towards Charter and Voucher Schools with the intention of helping the needy kids, who cannot afford the fees in the schools. In an interview, Betsy said that the couple began giving to these schools when they were just young in marriage. They attended a school meeting at Potters House School, which is owned by Bishop Jakes. The couple realized that albeit most parents in the school could hardly afford the fees in the schools, they opted to put their kids in the schools because the environment was safe. Betsy and Dick started paying tuition fees for some of the kids in the school. They also identified other similar schools and began a support program for the kids, who were enrolled there. Betsy and Dick wanted to reduce the dropout rates and give the kids a better future.

Betsy also has a passion to help the people, who are less privileged; a virtue which she learned from her parents. Luckily, Betsy married Dick DeVos, a man who came from a family that was even more philanthropic work. Dick, just like Betsy, is a philanthropist, and together they have founded the Dick and Betsy family Foundation, which donates to noble courses in the society. Albeit the two are criticized for giving towards political courses, they are more given to philanthropic giving and the former is only pocket change in comparison to the latter.Betsy DeVos is also known as a disruptor of the norm. She easily deviates from a course, which she finds not beneficial to the society. As a result, many people have called her an activist, who influences people towards more beneficial courses. Betsy is also an innovator.


What You Can Get from Wessex Journals

The Wessex Institute of Technology’s Press Journal page online offers a number of topics that can be utilized by any number of people in the scientific community. They publish a number of international journal titles that are easily accessible on the WIT Press website. The titles that they hold are Sustainable Development and Planning, Design and Nature Ecodynamics, Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements, Energy Production and Management as well as Safety and Security Engineering. On WIT Press website you can select the published topic that you are interested in. You will be able to access a number of topics, submit papers in regards to the publications, and access number of editorials as well as submissions and papers. In the upcoming years, Wessex Institute of Technology journals will introduce two more publications. You’ll soon be able to access Transport Development and Integration, Heritage Architecture and Environmental Impacts. With their directory you’ll be able to subscribe to any or all of these publications.

Class Dojo Introduces the Growth Mindset To Improve The Quality Of Education

Class Dojo is a somewhat new program that was launched back in 2011 and was designed to improve the quality of education for students by improving communication between parents, teachers, and students. The active involvement of parent’s in their child’s school work makes a world of difference. Instructors can use the app while in the classroom to connect to any student at all times and give them feedback on their performance and behavior. Today, Class Dojo is preferred by most schools over other similar education tools.

The special app allows instructors to upload videos, pictures, messages, notes, and stickers and more directly to the app or class story board. They can also stay in contact with parents at all times with instant and direct communication. Because of this, parents are also able to take part in their students activities in the classroom and see special moments for their kids.

The technology for educational tools has continued to advanced each year, and Class Dojo has decided to take advantage of this and meet the needs of an empty market for a learning platform based on improving communication. Many children need the active involvement of their parents in order to learn properly and behave at their best in school, and Class Dojo is making this easier than ever. Participating is easy as well since parent’s only need to ask for an invitation from their child’s instructor. To ensure most people can use the app effectively, Class Dojo supports 35 different languages and is usable on nearly all tablets and smartphones.

Students of course are no excluded from using the app themselves. They can make an account for themselves and use the app to see their progress and earn rewards for behavior. With it’s easy to use and safe interface, students do not need to supply and personal information to get involved, and only need consent from parents if they are under 13 years of age. Apart from setting up their avatar monster, students can also receive feedback on their work and encouragement to increase their overall confidence to help them enjoy their school work.

Today, the program is a proven way of improving the school communities and helping parents as well as teachers better engage their kids. Class Dojo founders have stated that as long as the app is a success, they will continue to improve on its content and features and expand their team and reach in the future.


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