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Build Credibility And Trust With Reliable Online Reputation Management

Looking for effective strategies to monitor or build your online reputation? Want to set up a reliable online reputation management system? There are many companies out there offering reputation monitoring and reputation management solutions. If you do your research, you can find a company with a team of highly trained and experienced professionals.

Former work colleagues, business competitors, even complete strangers are constantly trolling social network sites and other platforms in a concerted attempt to tarnish your image and online reputation.

Reviews are essential for companies and entrepreneurs in today’s business environment. In order to attract customers and clients to your business or company, it is imperative that you have positive reviews about your company or brand.

Online reviews have a strong impact on search engine results and they can positively impact your search engine placement. Reports have also indicated that customer reviews often have a huge positive effect on the click-through rate to a company’s website.

You should aim for top positions in search results, and have positive content show up whenever people search your company’s name or product. By having positive reviews appear in search results, you can gain the confidence of prospective customers and generate more revenue and profits.

You need to look for reputation management professionals who have the skills and resources to tap into effective social media platforms, and other promotional strategies. If you sign up with a team of professionals that uses innovative and creative content publishing systems, you will have peace of mind in knowing that your online reputation management is in good hands.

This content can absolutely serve to set your brand apart from the competition and other products that are being offered in the niche. A reliable team of SEO experts and digital publishing specialists can help ensure the uniformity of your brand across different channels. With a trusted team of reputation management professionals on your side, you can be sure you will be able to send out a strong, consistent and impressive message about your company, products and service.


Visual Search: Finding What You Need is a Snap

Have you ever experienced the frustration of knowing what something looks like but having no idea what it’s called? Maybe you’re trying to find that green and white toy for your cousin, but all you have is a photo. Perhaps you’ve also experienced a case where you have a product you love, but the label is worn off and you don’t remember what it was called so you’re not sure how to search for it. Visual search engines were created for times like these, and they can help you immensely when you’re trying to find an answer with only an image.

The Development of Visual Search Engines

Visual search engines were created in response to many things. However, retail markets were perhaps one of the most influential powers behind the creation of visual search. If you see an advertisement with a dress you want but it doesn’t tell you how to buy it, you can snap a picture of the ad, upload it into a visual search engine, and get a result. These types of searches have made the world of retail even more lucrative, and visual search has also made shopping a much more enjoyable and efficient experience.

Social Media and Visual Search

Another player in visual search engines is social media, primarily platforms with a visual nature like Pinterest or Instagram. Let’s say you’re browsing on Pinterest and you see a gorgeous sofa you want for your home, but there’s no information on how to buy it. Now you can upload the picture into a visual search engine and you’ll be given a list of places where you can buy that sofa or similar sofas.

Slyce and Product Recognition

Google has an image search, but most people are aware that it’s not exactly perfect. This gap in the market hasn’t gone unnoticed by technology developers like Slyce. Slyce is fast becoming one of the most popular product recognition search engines on the internet, and for good reason. Its specialty is being able to recognize images of products from the store, on models, from pictures taken of advertisements, and other image sources. If you see someone wearing a beautiful pair of boots but you don’t want to ask them where they found them, just take a picture and Slyce will do the rest, returning various results and shopping options.

The future of visual search is unlimited, and only time will tell what kinds of applications developers will make. In the meantime, using product recognition engines like Slyce can help you find the products you need even if you only have a picture.

How Online Reputation Management Helps Clients Recover

Status Labs is a great company that is going to help people make sure that they can recover the image that they once had online before it got sullied. A sullied image is something that a lot of people cannot deal with because that is all that people see, but the problem can be solved pretty easily when they come to Status Labs. Status Labs has the information that is needed to make a change, and they will get started right away.


Under the leadership of President Darius Fisher, the Status Labs team is going to come up with every single thing that can be done for the client that will positive. They want the clients to give them pictures to be released online, good stories that can be shared online and other information that is going to make the client look good. Status Labs is going to start slowly releasing this information to the public, and that is all that people will see online. Pushing down the negative news is easy, but Status Labs has to be left to do their work.


The Status Labs team will also give some updates to make sure that they are showing all their clients what is going on. The clients can check to see what Status Labs is doing online, and they can do the searches on their own so that they can see the difference. There is going to be a difference over time as Status Labs works, and they are going to keep pushing until they can see that they have done a lot of good things for their clients. The clients are going to be able to see the difference, and they can keep Status Labs on the job as long as they need.


Paying a retainer to Status Labs is also a good thing because it keeps them on the job even when things are good. They can respond to a problem immediately, and they will help their clients feel like they have gotten the right services. Status Labs will formulate a plan for every client who comes through the door, and they will help the client look positive online again.

More information for Status Labs:

The Development of an Online Public Relations Firm

With political news making the front headlines, it comes as no surprise that one of the most useful companies to utilize for someone in the public eye is an online reputation management company. Companies in particular that specialize in online reputation management are able to not only create a positive image using the web, but also are able to minimize any negative news in the midst of a scandal. One company in particular that has risen to the top of this industry within the last few years is Status Labs which has experts working around the clock in order to provide the best possible results to every customer.

Status Labs is specifically an online marketing and public relations firm that has offices located in Brazil, Austin, Texas, as well as in New York City. Recently in news, the New York City team has relocated to a new facility in Manhattan. This new location will be bigger for the purpose of accommodating Status Labs fast growing team. The move will officially take place exactly one year after their initial move to New York City. Within the year to come, the team along with founder, Darius Fisher, plan to higher five more professionals to complete the team.

Darius Fisher is excited for the move due to the fact that the more the company grows, the more clients the company can take on. The company already has over 1,500 clients in 35 different countries. All of the clients are a part of the public eye and want the best online reputation management firm that they can find in order to create a positive image and to minimize any negative feedback.

The experts at Status Labs understand that in order to create a positive image, social media as well as SEO content are some of the best tools to use. Using SEO content will put the positive content about the client at the top while eliminating anyone’s visual contact with negative content. Darius Fisher, along with his team, created this company in order to give people a second chance from little mistakes made.