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Doe Deere’s Personal Makeup Journey


In a sense, all of the world’s people are on a journey every day of their lives. Each person opens up a new day ready to discover what awaits them once they get there. The ability to turn one’s life into a story is something that cosmetics entrepreneur and storyteller Doe Deere fully understands. Even as a young child, she was aware of the many ways in which makeup could be used to help tell a story to the world. As she grew, she also became aware of the many ways in which she could harness the power of makeup and use it to help others.

All Kinds of Makeup

Makeup is a product that Deere completely understands today. However the process of creating her own personal makeup story and her own line began at an early age for her and has continued today. While she was a child, she loved the very idea of makeup. But, as she points out in an interview for Galore Magazine, she began to realize that her own understanding of makeup was something that she needed to learn about even more. She realized the importance of bringing her own understanding of makeup up to date if she was going to make this her own personal life’s work. It was then that she started to educate herself about the possible makeup brands that were available on the market and what each one had to offer her. She learned quickly that the makeup brands were not quite right for her needs. This is one of the reasons why she decided to start her own makeup company.

Her Product Line

Deere decided that it was time to share her knowledge of this subject with others. Her own research quickly brought her to the conclusion that the kind of makeup she wanted to buy was not being sold at any outlet. She discovered that she could make her own makeup with the use of a few simple, high quality ingredients. This is led her to the further realization that she could also sell her own products to others. As a result she decided to start Lime Crime, a cosmetics company. The company uses the power of the net to reach out to consumers and sell products she knows they will adore. She has done very well in the last decade because she is on her own makeup journey.

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Doe Deere Makes Headlines While Breaking Fashion & Beauty Rules

Doe Deere, founder and CEO of Lime Crime makeup line, was recently featured in an article for Bustle in which she encourages beauty and fashion enthusiasts to consider breaking the traditional rules in favor of expressing their own unique style. This strategy has certainly proven effective for Deere, who has experience wide success as an online fashion and beauty personality as well as through the rapid expansion of her brand. While Deere is a human encyclopedia of fashion and beauty ideas to try, in the article for Bustle, Deere focuses on seven often touted beauty and fashion rules just begging to be broken by those bold enough to express their inner creativity and love for life.

Among many other restrictive trends, Deere encourages fashionistas to wear as many patterns and colors as they feel express their zest for life. Praising her personal fashion, Betsy Johnson, Deere states that there is no specific age for being forced to squash your fashion creativity. Wearing bold colors and prints and embracing what you love about a current fashion trend is not limited to a certain age bracket, according to Deere. Never one to conceal her authentic self, Deere adheres to these fashion concepts in her daily life by breathing a breath of fresh air and vibrant colors in all of her fashion choices.

As a widely recognized fashion and beauty inspiration, Deere has been trying her hand at the fashion and beauty industry for over a decade. Deere struck out on her own, relying on her personal fashion instincts and personal drive, to offer women a wide range of options for fashion, and most recently cosmetics, which do not adhere to any particular beauty or fashion rules.

Deere’s success does much more than inspire women to think creatively about beauty and fashion. She also stands as an example of a successful self-driven female entrepreneur, who took risks and invested in herself to make her own success. Deere will be making her mark on the fashion and beauty industry for years to come, and will continue to inspire countless women in the process.

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