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Anthony Petrello- Making drilling industry better

The contributions of Anthony Petrello in the drilling industry have been huge. He is the person who has brought the biggest changes in his industry. His positions the Chief Executive Officer of the biggest and the largest drilling firm in the world have been key in his abilities to change the nature of drilling services that are offered in the world by the other drilling companies. Companies have to keep up with the competition that is offered by this drilling industry giant firm.

Anthony Petrello became the CEO of this company in 2011. He has been steering the company in direction of excellence. He has expanded the reach of the company’s operations to beyond the United States. Currently, the company is operating in many countries in the world. It has drilling operations in Africa, Far East, Middle East and other regions in North America. His input in the management of this company has been purely a touch of class. His abilities to figure out solutions to challenges that the company has been facing in the industry have helped it a great deal. He is dedicated to his work and hopes that he will make the company even better than it is right now.

Anthony Petrello is naturally brilliant. He is a genius when it comes to solving problems. In mathematics, he has performed exemplary well all his life. He is a holder of masters in mathematics from the Yale University. He showed great abilities to solve mathematical questions when he was in his elementary level school. He impressed his teachers with his ability to take mathematical problems that only professionals could handle. His abilities could not be compared to any other student.

Anthony Petrello brilliance in mathematics did not stop there. At the Yale University, he worked closely with the professor of mathematics at the university known as Serge Lang. He worked with him to prove a number of mathematical theories that have remained unresolved at the time. Serge Lang was a great friend of Anthony Petrello and even after the death of the professor, Anthony Petrello created a foundation in the university to honor him. This is a foundation that rewards the best mathematician in the university.

Anthony Petrello left Yale University and joined the Harvard Law School. He started a degree in law that led him to graduate with a Juris Doctor. He joined one of the prestigious law firms in New York where he worked for four years. His abilities to attract clients to the firm saw him appointed the managing partner of the Baker &McKenzie law firm.

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