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Eric Lefkofsky – How to Utilize Patient Information to Combat Lung Cancer

Cancer is one of the most common diseases in the world, and the main reason for its popularity is how it appears in the host and how it interacts with the habits of who has acquired cancer throughout the year.

This disease can equally appear because of genetics and habits. Someone who has relatives in their family that have acquired cancer has a higher risk of suffering from the same disease than those who have not. At the same time, there are dozens of environmental factors that have a significant participation in deciding if the user has a high risk of developing cancer in the future or not. Smoking is one of them.

Lung Cancer is one of the most common types of cancers, and the popularization of smoking tobacco is a big explanation to why the lung disease spreads the way it does. In the nineties, smoking was at an all-time high in most countries, and the popularization of the habit in movies and in the media, in general, have helped to banalize the use of cigarettes. However, many generations have suffered from severe lung cancer as a result.

A Dartmouth research team led by the Ph.D. of the University, Yafang Li, gathered a group of students and scientists to analyze the effects of lung cancer and help display, with more clarity, the interactions between smoking, genetics and the risk of having the disease.

The study showed surprising results regarding the effects of tobacco, and three new novel SNPs were identified that have a direct relationship with the probability of ending up with the disease. These SNPs are variations of coded information in the DNA, and they call tell if a person is susceptible to developing lung cancers or if they are not.

Because of the risk of cancer in our society, a new way of combating cancer with additional information is deeply required. That is not only to understand the disease better by scanning and storing the data of previous patients who had the disease, but it is also the fastest and most efficient way of developing treatments and therapies to cure cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky, the co-founder of Tempus, made this reality possible.

Tempus utilizes a highly efficient software to analyze patients who had the disease. Eric’s company are teaming up with some of the best researchers and scientists, and a staff of specialists, to find patterns and data that will aid in the development of new therapies.
Eric Lefkofsky has changed the combat against cancer forever, as now, the acquisition of data from those who have acquired the disease is much quicker and much clearer. It is just a matter of time for medicine to fully use the potential of Tempus and the creation of Eric Lefkofsky.

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