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Things to Learn with the Custom Companies

The Custom Companies, Inc., led by Perry Mandera as its owner and president, a person who is renowned in the transportation industry, is engaged in providing the transportation sector with logistics services, heavily invested on the use of modern and cutting-edge technologies in order to serve its clients better.


Perry Mandera decided that the best way to lead his company and their clients towards a greater future is to invest heavily on technology and web-based services, with a focus on updating their clients in real time when it comes to their shipments.


This was the best thing a company owner and leader could do in this increasingly digital world where everyone’s convenience is tied to technology (Behance). It is also the truth that providing their clients with real-time tracking of their shipment also increases the trust gained to their company from the clients. Of course, a happy client who is satisfied with the promptness of a company’s services results in more profit.


But Perry Mandera doesn’t just invest in technology in order to make his company better. Equally as significant is his investment in The Custom Companies’ highly trained and professional workers. Not only are the employees in Mandera’s The Custom Companies striving to innovate better systems, but they also always strive to bring in the best customer service that they can for their clients, in order to maintain goodwill and trust in their client-to-company relationship.


Custom Companies, Inc., and How It Takes Advantage of Technology To Better Serve Clients


Some of the technologies that Perry Mandera’s The Custom Companies uses are the following:


The Dock Management System – As the name implies, this system is used to ensure a properly managed dock system and the DMS has already set the standard in the industry when it comes to this. To allow accuracy and streamlining of processes, the DMS is 100% paperless and uses barcodes instead that are unique to each attributed shipment.


The Cheetah Dispatch – aptly named for one of the fastest animals in the world, the Cheetah Dispatch is a comprehensive software that allows for hi-tech transactions, lessening of paperwork and real-time tracking of each delivery.

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