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A Powerful Lip Balm in a Cute Package

Evolution of Smooth or better known as EOS has created a lip balm like no other. With harsh autumn and winter weather approaching now is the time to stock up on lip balms to prevent dry, cracking lips. EOS lip balms not only hydrate your lips and protect them from the harsh elements, but they all come in cute, appealing packages. The spheres have a soft outer shell and come in a variety of colors that usually identify with the flavor of the lip balm inside. Sticks are also available and are also fun to use. Speaking of flavors, there are some sweet and delightful flavors to choose from and there is something for everyone no matter your taste. You can even choose a shimmer base in the sphere if you want to add a little shine to your lips. Check out the Amazon product link.
Full of antioxidant-rich substances such as vitamin E, Shea butter and jojoba oil, EOS lip balm offers you protection against the weather or environment and leaves your lips feeling moisturized and supple. Since this product is dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic you can be sure you are using a safe product and one that is not harmful to you. Having a safe product and one that also is functional and does what is claims to you is something you can expect with EOS.

EOS is a brand you can trust when it comes to the products they offer. Their lip balm is not only powerful when it comes to protection, but it also comes in a darling little package such as the sphere which makes it fun to use. Check out their Ulta and Amazon pages for full product list.


How To Use Lime Crime For Every Occasion

Many women are looking for the right makeup that will enrich their skin and last throughout the day. Luckily, Lime Crime has the right color and blends to meet any occasion. Lime Crime cosmetics is becoming increasingly popular because of their huge discounts and easy shipping process. Ironically, it is a wet/dry formulated makeup that transpires to a beautiful unique liquid foil. You’ll never have to worry about a makeup blend that will fit your outfit or blend from work to your evening event. Visit their official website for more details on how to order Lime Crime cosmetics.

Lime Crime has a wide variety of lipstick, eye shadows, and foundation. In an array of colors and blends. Each product is individually packaged and labeled for your convenience. Customers can get all their beauty needs in one place. Lime Crime also has clothing, accessories, and more clearly listed on their website. They have the high end vibrant colors that you can get with other online cosmetic retailers. The Lime Crime cosmetic line offers beauty along the lines of no other. Transform your natural look into a beautified upgrade that will increase your confidence and appearance.

Customers are encouraged to visit their website for everything that they have new and customers can also talk with a live chat agent 24 hours a day for your questions, concerns, or to place to order. They have huge discount offers for up to 80% off the retail price. The actual shade of their products are listed on the website for you to get a clear visual of what the color actually looks like. You don’t get a description of the color that may not be what you’re looking for. Visit their official website to place your online order today with hassle free purchase options.

On the Lime Crime Tumblr, there is a list of products that include pink velvet, concrete, cement, airborne unicorn, and much more. These Lime Crime color come in lipstick shades, eye shadows, and bright accessories. Moreover, customers have a selection of many popular brands from their website for their customers to choose from today.  But check them out for yourself if you’re curious.  The Lime Crime Facebook has plenty of photos, and stories from real fans that love the makeup line for themselves.

Doe Deere’s Personal Makeup Journey


In a sense, all of the world’s people are on a journey every day of their lives. Each person opens up a new day ready to discover what awaits them once they get there. The ability to turn one’s life into a story is something that cosmetics entrepreneur and storyteller Doe Deere fully understands. Even as a young child, she was aware of the many ways in which makeup could be used to help tell a story to the world. As she grew, she also became aware of the many ways in which she could harness the power of makeup and use it to help others.

All Kinds of Makeup

Makeup is a product that Deere completely understands today. However the process of creating her own personal makeup story and her own line began at an early age for her and has continued today. While she was a child, she loved the very idea of makeup. But, as she points out in an interview for Galore Magazine, she began to realize that her own understanding of makeup was something that she needed to learn about even more. She realized the importance of bringing her own understanding of makeup up to date if she was going to make this her own personal life’s work. It was then that she started to educate herself about the possible makeup brands that were available on the market and what each one had to offer her. She learned quickly that the makeup brands were not quite right for her needs. This is one of the reasons why she decided to start her own makeup company.

Her Product Line

Deere decided that it was time to share her knowledge of this subject with others. Her own research quickly brought her to the conclusion that the kind of makeup she wanted to buy was not being sold at any outlet. She discovered that she could make her own makeup with the use of a few simple, high quality ingredients. This is led her to the further realization that she could also sell her own products to others. As a result she decided to start Lime Crime, a cosmetics company. The company uses the power of the net to reach out to consumers and sell products she knows they will adore. She has done very well in the last decade because she is on her own makeup journey.

To know more about Doe Deere, visit or follow her on twitter.

In Good Company With Dr. Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden has a long-term relationship with science and medical science in particular. Her father is a dentist and her mother is a surgical nurse. So she knows firsthand the demands that a career in the medical field can make. From an early age she has an attraction to surgery. Her teachers in grade school even give her the advice that she has the hands of a surgeon. Those conditions are perfect for cultivating a scientific mind into medical genius. But things like that do not just happen. Jennifer is well aware of deeds required to make it so.

Born in Austin Texas, Jennifer graduates from Anderson High. After that she moves on to the University of Texas at Austin. There she receives her Bachelors in biology. Post-graduation, she continues her education and receives her medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston with Salutatorian honors.
After finishing her resident training Dr. Walden moves to New York City. She is selected for a fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. And with the experience from her fellowship she pursues a career in aesthetic surgery. Around this time she becomes an associate of Dr. Sherrell Aston for eight years.

When it comes time to make the decision on motherhood. Jennifer makes two decisions. The first is to be a single mother. And the second is to return to Texas where her children (twin sons) can be close to family. This requires some balancing on her behalf. However she makes this happen with the help of staff in the home. Jennifer has a nanny and a live-in au pair for her boys just in case she has to leave the home in a rush on an emergency.

The years of early exposure, studying, training, work and staffing pay off as Dr. Walden is now a widely celebrated surgeon in her field. Beside the good words from fellow peers, she develops and sales her own surgical tool for breast augmentation through ASSI (Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments). This undoubtedly helps her when she consulting for companies like Thermiaesthetics, Venus Concepts, Ideal Implant or Sciton Inc.


Learn more about Dr. Jennifer Walden:

Fabletics Dresses and Swimsuits for Spring

Kate Hudson continues to prove that she understands what women want from their wardrobes. Comfort, support and style are all high on the wish list of most women, and Kate’s Fabletics is ready with the answer to all three.
Kate recently sat down with Marie Claire Magazine to talk about Fabletics’ new spring offerings, available in April.

The first is a new line of chic athleisure dresses. Kate’s idea is that active women don’t just want to be able to move and be comfortable while working out. She notes that expanding into evening wear was a “natural progression”, and that these dresses will take women from the office to date night to girls’ night out with ease. Best of all, they are made with the same supportive materials as Fabletics’ workout clothes, and as she gleefully tells us, “No Spanx required!”

Next, coming out in mid-April, is a line of performance swimwear including both one and two piece suits. Sexy and supportive, these swimsuits are sturdy enough for beach volleyball, comfortable enough for yoga and gorgeous enough for lounging in the sun. Kate says she wants women to feel protected while still feeling sexy and feminine.

The company, Kate says, is focused on encouraging health and fitness, and the designs of their clothing are meant to enable the wearer to be as active as they want while looking and feeling stylish and attractive. That’s a perfect combination according to Fabletics’ happy customers.

Kate Hudson founded Fabletics in 2013 along with her partners, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Along with their robust website, there are currently six brick and mortar store locations across the United States. The company offers VIP Membership for $49.95 per month which includes free shipping within the contiguous states for orders of $49.95 and over. Customers are also able to purchase without joining the VIP program, or skip a month by notifying Fabletics.

New customers complete a quick questionnaire about their workout habits, body type and style preferences. Once completed, the official Fabletics page at Facebook offers monthly custom recommendations geared specifically to each person’s tastes and workout needs.

All of it on YouTube shows that they’re a subsidiary of JustFab, Inc.

Fine Hair Beware: Wen by Chaz Will Shape You Up

Proof that Wen hair can liven up even the most overworked hair is here. In an article posted on, a self-pronounced hair care junkie took the plunge testing Wen by Chaz for seven days with surprising results.

Experiencing immediate results on day one of her experiment, this blogger continues to record daily results for one week. Boasting of thin, flat hair, this blogger noticed a difference in her styling abilities and the results she receives after using WEN hair products. She takes the reader through her week, describing the texture and the results of her experiment. Despite being skeptical, this user is sold in the end: Wen hair helps thin, fine, limp hair with a boost of life. Read about this users experience here:

WEN hair by Chaz Dean is a full line of hair care products which are natural yet effective in adding shine, bounce, and health back into hair. Wen by Chaz features a range of shampoos, conditioners, styling products including brushes for any kind of hair.

A myriad of products are available through the brand’s site:

Not sure what kind of product you need? Take Wen By Chaz’s product recommender. Tell Wen by Chaz your concerns and get recommendations based on your hair type.


Doe Deere Makes Headlines While Breaking Fashion & Beauty Rules

Doe Deere, founder and CEO of Lime Crime makeup line, was recently featured in an article for Bustle in which she encourages beauty and fashion enthusiasts to consider breaking the traditional rules in favor of expressing their own unique style. This strategy has certainly proven effective for Deere, who has experience wide success as an online fashion and beauty personality as well as through the rapid expansion of her brand. While Deere is a human encyclopedia of fashion and beauty ideas to try, in the article for Bustle, Deere focuses on seven often touted beauty and fashion rules just begging to be broken by those bold enough to express their inner creativity and love for life.

Among many other restrictive trends, Deere encourages fashionistas to wear as many patterns and colors as they feel express their zest for life. Praising her personal fashion, Betsy Johnson, Deere states that there is no specific age for being forced to squash your fashion creativity. Wearing bold colors and prints and embracing what you love about a current fashion trend is not limited to a certain age bracket, according to Deere. Never one to conceal her authentic self, Deere adheres to these fashion concepts in her daily life by breathing a breath of fresh air and vibrant colors in all of her fashion choices.

As a widely recognized fashion and beauty inspiration, Deere has been trying her hand at the fashion and beauty industry for over a decade. Deere struck out on her own, relying on her personal fashion instincts and personal drive, to offer women a wide range of options for fashion, and most recently cosmetics, which do not adhere to any particular beauty or fashion rules.

Deere’s success does much more than inspire women to think creatively about beauty and fashion. She also stands as an example of a successful self-driven female entrepreneur, who took risks and invested in herself to make her own success. Deere will be making her mark on the fashion and beauty industry for years to come, and will continue to inspire countless women in the process.

Check out Doe Deere at PHAMExpo