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Easy Hair Tips for Women

Beauty blogger Wengie made a video entitled “10 Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know!” In this video she discusses easy hair tips for women. This video has helpful information and is filled with useful tips related to hair.

Healthy hair starts from within. Vitamins are essential to healthy hair. Vitamins such as omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, folic acid, and biotin help to keep hair healthy. Vitamins for hair can be purchases to make sure you get all the nutrients you need for healthy looking locks.


Cleaning out your hair brush is another easy hair tip. This will prevent old dirty hair from rubbing against your new clean hair. It is also important to clean your hair brush with hot water and shampoo to insure it is clean. A hair hack to control frizz and make your hair smell nice is placing a dryer sheet over your hair brush bristles it will leave hair smells nice and you will have less frizz.


An easy hack to making your hair look longer is to divide hair into two layers in the back. Put the top layer into a higher ponytail and the lower layer into a lower pony tail. This gives the illusion of longer hair.


Another easy hair hack is coconut oil can be used as a hair mask. To do this massage melted coconut oil into your scalp and brush through your hair. Let the coconut oil set for about 30 minutes and then shampoo out. Coconut oil will leave your hair easier to brush, it also helps lock in color if you have color treated hair.


A great way to prevent hair breakage is to use a cotton shirt instead of a towel to dry your hair. A cotton shirt is gentler on your locks and this trick can help control frizz also.


Another tip on controlling frizz is by using hairspray. Hairspray can be sprayed on a makeup brush, and then used to smooth down your scalp. Hairspray can also be sprayed on a toothbrush and used to brush back any flyways you have. Hairspray can also be sprayed onto a bobby pin to make it hold hair better.


According to Wengie, A simple way to trim split ends is to twist hair up and use hairdresser scissors to trim any hairs that are sticking out. If you want wavy hair but have limited time an easy tip for this is. First put hair in a ponytail, then section into 3 parts. Use a curling iron to curl each part and then take your hair down. This will make simple and easy waves in no time.


If you don’t have time to wash your hair, an easy way to prevent hair from being greasy is to apply dry hair spray to roots before bed. Blow dries your hair in the morning to get out any extra product. The spray will absorb any extra oil you have and leave your scalp feeling clean. The blow dryer will also add volume to your hair. No one will know you didn’t have time to wash it.


Many girls sleep with their hair in braids at night. Elastic hair ties can be rough on hair and cause breakage. An easy way to prevent breakage is to cut nylon stockings horizontally and use them as gentle hair ties while you sleep. This will keep hair out of your face and also prevent it from breaking.


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Famous Aussie YouTubers

The monster of viral videos YouTube has made it easier for the average procrastinator to have a chance of success on the world wide web, what do you need?

Just a camera, start recording what your imagination can compose and be famous, many people have become famous by mistake because they uploaded a video and out of the blue that video became viral and famous, also, this trend has spread all over the world and right now I’m making a review of Australian YouTubers that made it to the top of the chart on subscribers and views.

Wel let’s start with who is on top of the list:

On number one we have HowToBasic with a raging six million seven hundred and fifty thousand subscribers, and with nearly one billion views we can say that this comedy YouTube channel is putting serious effort into its work.

Following up we have PlanetDolan with four million two hundred and ninety-eight thousand subscribers with over seven hundred and fifty million views, this educational channel has some nice content and countdown videos that are easy to watch.

The Wonderful World Of Wengie is the most subscribed Asian beauty channel in Australia, is has reached Seven Hundred thousand subscribers in this past days and I might add in a fairly short amount of time since the channel started, I found her videos amusing and really entertaining her focus is on Beauty products with a really sexy Asian touch into them.

On one of her videos she wore a $2 dollar dress, also, she gives advice on how to apply all sorts of make up the easy way adding some comedy and this makes her videos really entertaining, and is NOT at all your regular boring how to apply your makeup channel that you can find all along YouTube, go ahead and subscribe to her channel, you will not regret that decision.