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Handy Gives Cleanings Companies the Blueprint

Successful companies are copied all the time. Everyone wants in when a company gains a level of success. In the cleaning industry I have seen companies like Home Joy fold, but Handy has created the blueprint for a cleaning company. This is the type of organization that has a lot of stellar employees in place, and these people – wherever they may be – are following the mission that Handy has in place.

I would imagine that it is difficult to get employees in different parts of the work that are contracted to following the same mission. After all, these are contractors that have different schedules and different lifestyles. They even have different cultures between the different countries where Handy workers are located. What Handy has done, however, is provide a simple mission to do superior cleaning and make customers feel like they are getting what they paid for. There is even a money back guarantee that is linked to the cleaning of these professionals. It works for Handy, and lots of other startup companies are hoping that this type of cleaning blueprint will work for them.

There is a lot of buzz about how the company gets a million bookings a week. I am certain that this goes even higher during the spring season. I have family in Minneapolis that tells me that it snows sometimes in April, but we always get the pollen during the beginning of spring. People that have allergies are not going to hesitate to hire someone to do the cleaning in the home. I know that I cannot stand to dust anything myself so I make sure that I get Handy involved. That is the only way that I can really get my home clean during the spring season.

This is certainly a company to watch because there are so many other companies out there that are trying to get into the home cleaning business. I think that Handy has the upper hand because this is a company that also offers other services like television mounting, plumbing and painting. Handy contractors have many skills.

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Handy Slated for More Explosive Growth

In an article for The Next Web, the founder of Handy, Oisin Hanrahan, detailed how he helped sky rocket this on-demand cleaning and handyman services company into a total powerhouse in just a few short years. Handy is now worth an estimated $500 million and just received $50 million in cash for continued investment. Hanrahan is feeling extremely energized and possitive for the continued possibilities for growth for Handy in coming years as it explores new markets and opportunities to expand into different types of services.

Right now, on-demand cleaning services makes up about 80 percent of Handy’s total business, while handyman type services comprise the rest. Hanrahan is considering expanding out into furniture delivery and assembly as a new way to increase Handy’s customer base. By choosing New York City for Handy’s inaugural location, Hanrahan found that Handy was never in short supply of customers for its services. Handy uses a heavily based independent contractor model to staff its services. Currently, Handy has approximately 160 actual employees and uses about 10,000 independent contractors to fulfill orders, which seem to be continuing to rise and allows great flexibility for its contractors.

Hanrahan says that he never really concerned himself with keeping up with competition as he developed the concept for Handy and got the company off the ground, Rather, Hanrahan stayed tuned in to the market and constantly looked for ways to address demands that he saw for service industries. During his time working in real estate development, Hanrahan noticed that it was extremely difficult to find a handyman service for smaller type jobs, which property owners may not be capable of doing themselves or do not have the requisite support staff to take care of. This is where his idea for Handy was born and almost became an overnight sensation.

Skout Feeds the Hungry

One thing that makes Skout stand out from other social media companies is that they donate to charities in order to help feed starving people. Skout not only does its own acts of kindness for people that are struggling, but it also encourages their users to do the same for others. Skout is currently announcing its efforts to people in their social media platforms so that they could get involved in the charitable efforts. Among the things they do is send virtual gifts which are converted into actual donations. The deal is for Skout users to send their friends a virtual bag of chips. For each bag that is given out, there will be a cash donation made to the Food Bank. The goal is 20,000 meals.

One of the main features of Skout is that it encourages people to actually meet each other in person unlike other social media platforms. People who meet up and become friends on Skout are more likely to meet each other somewhere. Skout also has a travel feature that allows users to find a good place to meet in various parts of the world.

Skout is putting its success to good use by participating in charities and getting involved in philanthropic pursuits.  Starvation is one issue that is worth looking into Skout understands the importance of making sure that people who have less are able to eat and care for themselves. In San Francisco alone, a quarter of the residents are on the verge of starvation. Skout is really passionate about the residents in its community and wants to make sure that they are a part of the solution.

Talk Fusion Soon Becoming the Number One Video Chat App

The Talk Fusion company specializes in cutting edge video technology. Allowing users around the world to easily share it with their friends, family and colleagues. This empowers users to live their potential. When the company first started in 2007 their first app was Video Email which allowed users to embed a video message within the email that was completely customizable using 1000 different templates. This was the humble beginning of Talk Fusion which has since grown to a global power house thanks to the leadership and vision of Bob Reina who is the founder and CEO. The company has since developed several other incredible solutions and has made the Video Email part of the CONNECT suite which is made up of several very powerful video communication products. It includes live meeting, live video chat and video newsletter. Each of these apps has a specific function but empowers the user to broadcast his or her message to all their viewers with a simple solution. Included within the suite is also a number of features allowing the user to market, analyze and receive reports on the use of the apps. This gives the use incredible versatility and know how in order to position themselves correctly when these apps are used in a business setting. Talk Fusion can be used in any setting but knowing that these features are available is a very important fact especially when transitioning from home to office use.

Talk Fusion made it into the headlines of Business for Home which shares with the public the recent advancements that Talk Fusion has made on a global front. They have surpassed many other video communication solutions and are blazing a trail ahead. They have big plans for the future and continue to be a contender. Their business model is also unique and is something that no other competitor is using.

Handy Keeps Customers Happy with On-Demand Cleaning

Oisin Hanrahan is the founder of Handy, and even though the company has only been around for a couple of years Hanrahan has learned a lot of valuable things. Handy knows about the value of customer satisfaction, and that is why the company has managed to thrive in such a huge way.

It is easy for many people to start businesses. Investors put their money into new startups all the time. It is much harder, however, to sustain a business after it has been unleashed to the public. Consumers have to make choices, and business leaders have to make choices based on the decisions that customers are making. Oisin Hanrahan obviously knew that he could become the business leader that could propel Handy Cleaning Services, but he knew that he had to focus on the right thing. He knew that customer service was going to be key with this business.

He soon realized that customer satisfaction was paramount. This gave him the ability to foresee the issues that could come into place. He made sure that he implemented background checks on employees that would work for Handy. Oisin made a commitment to keep contracted workers in place and resist the urge to turn everyone into full time Handy employees. This would prove to a wise decision that would cut down on operating costs and help the company grow quickly.

It may have been much harder to find people that were willing to become full time cleaners. There has been a greater ease, however, in building an organization with workers that have flexible schedules. That is what has made Handy a successful on-demand services company.


How many of your online friends have you actually met in person?

The Internet has evolved and grown drastically over just the past two decades. It has become easier and easier to connect with others using social media sites such as Facebook and the use of instant messaging, etc. With so many relationships being formed online, how many of these have actually been brought to fruition in the real physical world? According to a recent survey by SKOUT which is known to be the largest platform for meeting new people, 3 out of every 4 people have online friends that they haven’t actually met in real life.

Almost half of those surveyed indicated that they had at least 10 online friends. This is no surprise as the booming of mobile devices such as cellphones makes it easier to nurture online friendships. Of those online friends, most surveyed said that at one point or another they would like to actually meet these friends in person one day. Meeting new people and having/making friendships is a desire that will never go away as it is an integral part to the essence of human nature. More and more people are using the power of the Internet to connect with others all over the globe.

SKOUT alone helped foster almost 700 million connections last year. In a society where online and electronic communication is the norm, SKOUT helps so many meet new people and find friends online. The SKOUT community services almost 200 countries and is available in more than a dozen languages. With a staggering 92% of those surveyed indicating that they communicate with their online friends using a mobile phone versus a desktop computer, the presence of the SKOUT mobile app is prominent. The amount of downloads via Google Play and the App Store is just one indication of its growing popularity.

This recent survey by SKOUT validates the growth of online friendships. It is easier to meet new people online as this can be done from anywhere and at anytime. With the use of its app, SKOUT has been able to see the current trends and continue to further tailor its app to its thousands of users. Many of these friendships that have been formed online remain virtual but this is not to say that these friendships are meaningless.