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The Entertainment Inner Circle: Desiree Prerez

Desiree Perez is a woman who worked her way up to the inner circle of the entertainment industry. She founded a company called ROC Nation in 2008 and has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that she can get the job or deal done. In an industry that is worth billions of dollars every year, Desiree Perez has taken the bull by the horns and made the most of the opportunity she has had to make an impression in a mostly male dominated industry. She has made it to the top of the heap.

Desiree Perez belongs to a special group of people. She is closely associated with Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. Des is probably the main reason why he has the business and music mogul that he is today. She knows the power of good negotiating skills.

Desiree Perez is a woman who is not afraid to make the big deal. She was right in the forefront of negotiating a deal worth more than one hundred fifty million dollars with Live Nation. She is the Chief Operating Officer of ROC Nation and wanted to be absolutely sure that the deal was fair for all involved. A company like ROC Nation is fortunate to have such a strong-willed woman when it comes to high stakes negotiations.

ROC Nation is the brain-child of Desiree Perez and is one of the biggest companies in the entertainment industry. One of the biggest stars that are represented by the company is the singer Rihanna. Desiree Perez helped negotiate a contract between Rihanna and Samsung for her current tour. She is one influential woman.

It hasn’t been the easiest road for Desiree Perez. Through hard work determination, she has come out on top. She may not be seen at a concert but she is there in full force.

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Fabletics Excels in Providing Gears for their Clients (PRISCAH)

Fabletics was established in 2013 with the aim of improving fashion and designs for their brands. After the launching of the company, the chief executive officer of Fabletics, Gregg Throgmartin poached Kate Hudson to assist in representing their brands. Since then, Kate Hudson has been a massive contributor to the promotion of the company’s brands on all platforms. Be it social media or any other marketing tools that the company used to advertise their clothes. Besides, Kate Hudson has been actively involved in monitoring the sales of the company as well as in coordinating the designing team with the aim of maintaining the uniqueness of the company’s designs. The company’s athleisure brands are widely used even by Kate Hudson herself while gyming with her family.


She is the type of woman who works for what she believes in regardless of the challenges involved. Because of this Kate Hudson improved the communication systems at Fabletics hence impacting chiefly on customer service delivery. Her belief in the company spearheaded the company’s top-notch performances thereby securing itself higher rankings with the Better Business Bureau. Quality in service delivery consequently impacted on the growth of the company in a successive manner. Kate Hudson’s contributions to the company’s growth have been immense and incomparable. Most of all, her involvement with the company has attracted incredible partnerships with other celebrities such as Demi Lovato and many others.


Despite Amazon being the inventors of e-commerce and digital fashion marketing, Fabletics has grown to be successful considering Kate Hudson’s tireless efforts and notable contributions. Interestingly, Fabletics have invented the machine that has simplified the wearisome procedures involved in sales and marketing of their clothing brands. The company also aims at opening more of their branches in Florida, California, Hawaii and much more. With this, Fabletics is positive that their operations will match or even surpass those of established companies such as Apple and a few others.


The major contributor to the company’s success, however, is their well-developed membership program. This approach aims at offering the fashion wears at subsidized prices hence denying their competitors the chance of poaching their clients. Additionally, the company’s online store provides customers with information on the fashion wears through browsing. Fabletics provides their clients with better healthcare through fitness and challenges most people to access themselves with Lifestyle Quiz and discover Fabletics gears that fit their needs.


Altogether, partnerships with companies such as TechStyle Fashion Group have also contributed to the growth and success of the Fabletics, not forgetting Kate Hudson’s enormous contributions.

Eric Lefkofsky – How to Utilize Patient Information to Combat Lung Cancer

Cancer is one of the most common diseases in the world, and the main reason for its popularity is how it appears in the host and how it interacts with the habits of who has acquired cancer throughout the year.

This disease can equally appear because of genetics and habits. Someone who has relatives in their family that have acquired cancer has a higher risk of suffering from the same disease than those who have not. At the same time, there are dozens of environmental factors that have a significant participation in deciding if the user has a high risk of developing cancer in the future or not. Smoking is one of them.

Lung Cancer is one of the most common types of cancers, and the popularization of smoking tobacco is a big explanation to why the lung disease spreads the way it does. In the nineties, smoking was at an all-time high in most countries, and the popularization of the habit in movies and in the media, in general, have helped to banalize the use of cigarettes. However, many generations have suffered from severe lung cancer as a result.

A Dartmouth research team led by the Ph.D. of the University, Yafang Li, gathered a group of students and scientists to analyze the effects of lung cancer and help display, with more clarity, the interactions between smoking, genetics and the risk of having the disease.

The study showed surprising results regarding the effects of tobacco, and three new novel SNPs were identified that have a direct relationship with the probability of ending up with the disease. These SNPs are variations of coded information in the DNA, and they call tell if a person is susceptible to developing lung cancers or if they are not.

Because of the risk of cancer in our society, a new way of combating cancer with additional information is deeply required. That is not only to understand the disease better by scanning and storing the data of previous patients who had the disease, but it is also the fastest and most efficient way of developing treatments and therapies to cure cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky, the co-founder of Tempus, made this reality possible.

Tempus utilizes a highly efficient software to analyze patients who had the disease. Eric’s company are teaming up with some of the best researchers and scientists, and a staff of specialists, to find patterns and data that will aid in the development of new therapies.
Eric Lefkofsky has changed the combat against cancer forever, as now, the acquisition of data from those who have acquired the disease is much quicker and much clearer. It is just a matter of time for medicine to fully use the potential of Tempus and the creation of Eric Lefkofsky.

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Matt Badiali Gives Value to Customer Investments

     Matt Badiali joined Banyan Hill Publishing in March 2017 as a natural resources expert. He researches and make recommendations for customers in energy, precious metals, and agriculture in the newsletter he publishes When he joined the firm he said that he was impressed by the research Banyan Hill Publishing had done and wanted to join and be part of the team.

They offer an alternative in investing for customers by using private investors. This gives clients more control over wealth building. Matt Badiali is an expert in the natural resource industry. He has experience working on oil rigs, working in the mines, and working as a consultant with environmental groups.

Matt Badiali knows the latest trends in these industries and can help subscribers profit from this knowledge. He worked at Stansberry Research as an editor for 11 years. He produced the Stansberry Research Resource Reports monthly advisory focused on investments in natural resources, investments, and metals.

He is a geologist with a B.S. from Penn State in Earth Sciences. In addition he has a Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. His job at Banyan Hill Publishing will be to find viable investments and help readers grow and protect their wealth safely and quickly.

In 2017, he launched the newsletter Real Wealth Strategist at Banyan Hill and developed a loyal network of readers. He travels all over the world and talks with experts to write the newsletter. He has visited mines, oil projects, and the company headquarters to find investment information.

Writing the newsletter he say combines all his experience and skills. It requires understanding finance and science markets. He has been in finance since 2004. He starts the day at the office with two hour of writing when he is most focused. Later he answers email and reads the latest news until lunch time.

During the day he answers phone calls, attends meetings, and investigates new opportunities for his readers. He is excited about new trends in energy. One he sees is how electricity is becoming more of a focus for energy consumption.

Matt Badiali says that what makes him successful is his ability to focus on one thing at a time. He reads extensively and gives his readers more value than they expect by publishing an article in a free newsletter with investment ideas before he expects them to become subscribers.

Anthony Petrello- Making drilling industry better

The contributions of Anthony Petrello in the drilling industry have been huge. He is the person who has brought the biggest changes in his industry. His positions the Chief Executive Officer of the biggest and the largest drilling firm in the world have been key in his abilities to change the nature of drilling services that are offered in the world by the other drilling companies. Companies have to keep up with the competition that is offered by this drilling industry giant firm.

Anthony Petrello became the CEO of this company in 2011. He has been steering the company in direction of excellence. He has expanded the reach of the company’s operations to beyond the United States. Currently, the company is operating in many countries in the world. It has drilling operations in Africa, Far East, Middle East and other regions in North America. His input in the management of this company has been purely a touch of class. His abilities to figure out solutions to challenges that the company has been facing in the industry have helped it a great deal. He is dedicated to his work and hopes that he will make the company even better than it is right now.

Anthony Petrello is naturally brilliant. He is a genius when it comes to solving problems. In mathematics, he has performed exemplary well all his life. He is a holder of masters in mathematics from the Yale University. He showed great abilities to solve mathematical questions when he was in his elementary level school. He impressed his teachers with his ability to take mathematical problems that only professionals could handle. His abilities could not be compared to any other student.

Anthony Petrello brilliance in mathematics did not stop there. At the Yale University, he worked closely with the professor of mathematics at the university known as Serge Lang. He worked with him to prove a number of mathematical theories that have remained unresolved at the time. Serge Lang was a great friend of Anthony Petrello and even after the death of the professor, Anthony Petrello created a foundation in the university to honor him. This is a foundation that rewards the best mathematician in the university.

Anthony Petrello left Yale University and joined the Harvard Law School. He started a degree in law that led him to graduate with a Juris Doctor. He joined one of the prestigious law firms in New York where he worked for four years. His abilities to attract clients to the firm saw him appointed the managing partner of the Baker &McKenzie law firm.

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Elysium Health and Basis are Changing the Game

Elysium Health is an emerging leader in the supplement industry. The research and manufacturing organization was created in 2014 as a venture between two experienced business people and Dr. Leonard Guarante, an employee of the Massachusetts Institute of Health – specifically, the director of the Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging, a position he’s held for a number of years.

Elysium Health also consults a handful of the world’s best scientists and researchers in the field of biological sciences and health. Altogether, they have contributed towards Basis, which is currently the sole offering of Elysium Health

What is Basis?

Basis is a supplement that is crafted from two primary ingredients: nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene, two chemicals that are intrinsically involved in the human body’s essential processes.

The ingredients from Basis are contained in vegetarian capsules rather than the animal-based capsules found in most supplements. The revolutionary supplement is one of the few supplements that runs in concordance with vegan, vegetarian, and kosher diets – it’s also devoid of any contaminants, and, along with the two main ingredients of the hot supplement, regularly checked for quality to make sure consumers are getting what they so very deserve.

How can consumers be certain that Basis actually helps people?

Basis is unique in that Elysium Health was able to fund a clinical trial for the supplement, something that very few other supplements can claim. Doing so often costs tens of millions of dollars, as involving trained physicians and people that otherwise cost loads of money to involve. The test that proved Basis was so helpful was double-blind, meaning neither physicians nor consumers knew they were taking the contents of Basis, randomized, ensuring the fact that nobody knew who was involved, and standardized, yet another criterion that clinical trials must maintain.

The clinical trial took place earlier this year – across spring and summer months of 2017 – that indicated the contents of Basis increased the blood levels of NAD+ of consumers aged fifty through ninety, as well as indicated that it was safe for older adults – including those on the upper end of the above spectrum – and any able-bodied adult.

More about the basics of nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene

Nicotinamide riboside works best when 500 milligrams are taken once each day, as shown by the aforementioned clinical trial. Also, pterostilbene works at an optimum level when 100 milligrams of the substance is taken each day. That’s why Elysium Health’s website recommends to consumers to take two capsules each day, adding up to the total of 500 and 50 mg.

Waiakea Water to Implement a New Water Bottle Technology

Waiakea water is a premium bottled water company that sells Hawaiian volcanic water. The focus of Waiakea is not just on offering healthy water but also being both environmentally and socially responsible. They recently announced a breakthrough in plastic technology which means that their bottles will break down far faster than conventional bottles do. The bottles, which are also made of 100% recycled plastic, uses an additive called TimePlast which helps the bottles completely breaks down in just roughly 15 years versus conventional bottles which can take up to 1,500 years to do so.

Waiakea is one of the founding companies that are backing TimePlast. According to Waiakea’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ryan Emmons, conventional bottles do eventually break down into a carbon-based wax but it takes far too many years to do so. The new Waiakea bottles don’t look any different than conventional bottles and will perform the same. As TimePlast is very inexpensive to add to the plastic of bottles Emmons is hoping that others in the bottled water industry soon also jump on board.

The Waiakea brand of water was launched in 2012. Since that time it has become a very popular brand of premium volcanic water and can be found online as well as grocery stores across the nation. This brand is a very healthy water that comes from water that has filtered through Mauna Loa Volcano. It is rich in many minerals as a result such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, silica, and sodium. As its pH value is between 7.8 and 8.8, Waikea water is also naturally alkaline.

In addition to being healthy and environmentally responsible, Waiakea is also a company with a focus on being socially responsible. One of the main ways they do this is through their partnership with Pump Aid. A portion of Waiakea’s profits goes to buying water pumps that are put in place in villages in rural Africa. These pumps, called Elephant Pumps, allows the villagers to have access to clean and safe water that can be used for drinking, bathing, and other common purposes.

The Louis Chenevert Legacy

Born in Quebec, Canada in 1958, Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert graduated with a bachelor’s degree in production management from the University of Montreal in Canada. Louis started his career as a production manager at general motors’ St Therese operation. Louis spent 14 years at General Motors before moving To Pratt & Whitney Aircraft in 1993 where he was president. In March 2006, Louis Chenevert joined UTC as president, chief operating officer, and director. In April 2008 Louis was elected president and chief executive officer before finally becoming the corporation’s chairman in January 2010.

United Technologies Corporation credits most of its growth to becoming a multination conglomerate worth over $100 million to Louis Chenevert. When he joined UTC, Chenevert’s first order of business was the acquisition of Goodrich. The deal was worth $18.4 billion and its finalization saw Chenevert achieve in a year what many executives don’t achieve in their lifetime.

Most of Chenevert’s success can be credited to his principle of promoting advancement in technology and the growth of individuals. Chenevert chose what project to invest in depending on their potential to further the company’s vision and ability to inspire the staff to produce quality work. During his tenure at UTC, Chenevert saw the investment of over $1 billion towards employ benefits and educational pursuits.

Another achievement of Chenevert’s at UTC was the tender to construct United States Airforce second alternate engines. UTC grew to become the largest manufacturer of helicopters, refrigerators, air conditioners and heating equipment in the United States of America. Most of the advanced jet engines in the world are manufactured at the aerospace unit of UTC. Extensive discipline and imagination have kept the Chenevert powerhouse humming.

Over the course of his career, Chenevert received several awards and honors. In 2009 Chenevert got an honors award from the national building museum. In 2011, Louis Chenevert received an honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal. It was also in the same year that Chenevert was named person of the year by aviation week & space technology. In December 2014, Chenevert stepped down as CEO of UTC and took an exclusive advisor job at Goldman Sachs.

The American Institute of Architects Helps Architects Live Their Best Lives

     From job improvement to opportunities for new architects, the American Institute of Architects works to make sure they are doing everything they can to support architects in the United States. The organization has worked hard to make sure they are offering different opportunities for architects around the country. All of the things they do can be traced back to them wanting to do what they can to support the profession. It is what has given them the motivation to continue offering their services to architects in the United States who want to make sure they are back to the way things are supposed to be.

For years, the American Institute of Architects has continued to improve. They work to ensure they are showing people more information about the things they are able to do as architects. They also want them to know they have support behind them at all times. Since American Institute of Architects is a large organization, it is able to help the architects get the perfect type of support they need no matter what situation they are in or what they are trying to do to make sure they are going to be able to continue living in the best way possible.

While the American Institute of Architects is based in Washington, D.C., they have worked to reach out to different communities. They want to continue to grow so they are prominent in every region. Even though they are in popular areas like Chicago, New York and Boston, they want to keep growing so they’ll have the chance to truly make an impact for the people who they are trying to support. They feel the only way they are going to be able to do that is to constantly grow and work to get into other areas they aren’t currently in or haven’t been in the past.

One of the American Institute of Architects’ main goals is to provide job resources to architects. This does not mean they employ them or they try to give them a job, but they give them a place to show them what they can do and what type of jobs are available. They can also help architects make the valuable connections they need in the industry. Because the American Institute of Architects is such a supportive community, architects are able to see how much they can benefit from what the organization has to offer.

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How To Be Ready for Your Lifeline Screening

With Lifeline Screening, you can be sure you are getting the best information on your health. Even though your doctor may order regular blood work on you, you won’t be getting the full picture of what your health actually looks like. Instead, getting a Lifeline Screening is one of the only ways to see exactly how healthy you are from the inside out. The appointments are quick, you don’t need to take extra cautious steps to prepare and you can be sure you’ll get the results back quickly. It is important to keep track of your health so let Lifeline Screening figure out what’s going on with you.

At your screening, you can expect to be at Lifeline Screening for around 90 minutes. This will allow them the time they need to do all the tests but will also prevent you from taking too much time out of your day. It is a quick process compared to many other lab tests, but it is also convenient. Since you are having all the tests done in one place, you won’t have to worry about being shuffled from office to office. Instead, you’ll stay in the same office and go to different station-like places.


Even though you should make sure that you are ready for your appointment, you don’t have to go through excessive measures to prepare for it. Aside from what you would do with a normal blood test, you can expect the preparation process to be normal. You Lifeline Screening representative will contact you with any special instructions they may have for you before your screening, but you’ll probably be able to get prepared for it the same day that you are going for the appointment instead of having to worry about all the issues that will come from having to prepare for weeks in advance. You should wear comfortable clothing for your appointment since you’ll be in several different positions.

One thing about Lifeline Screening that many people like to take advantage of is how quickly you’ll get your results back. Unlike a regular doctor’s office or lab, they are able to dedicate their time to you. You will get your results back as quickly as possible. Since Lifeline Screening knows what they are doing, they are confident they can help their patients have the best experience possible while they are working on the different options they have for them.