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Equities First Holdings: Specializing In Stock Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is one of the most likely companies working to receive numerous working capabilities in the United States. As a matter of fact, the company has extensive knowledge in the line of stock-based loans. In the world, it is also recognized as one of the trusted company in this line of duty. For this matter, you will always find a better way to develop high-end capabilities. For more than 14 years, Equities First Holdings has worked to satisfy the needs of its clients through management technologies. As a matter of fact, Equities First Holdings has also endeavored through all service production to make it a better choice for people interested in the stock-based loans. For you to secure the fast working money from Equities First Holdings, you are asked to come along with your stocks. For this reason, they will be evaluated in a manner that has no market value in this generation. Or his reason, people will endeavor to achieve much through market stability and evaluation.

When the stocks are evaluated, you will get the amount of money you quality. For this reason, you are not likely to get anything more than 60 percent according to the standards set by the United States government. Or his reason, you can get better results through cooperation and facility development strategies that can access your stability management practices.I you agree with the stated amount by the company, you are required to surrender the stocks as collateral and work to achieve more insatiability management practices. As a matter of fact, the company always develops high-end management entities that are unmatched in this industry.

For this reason, people will work to get better results in a better way. Once you get the loan, you are not even required to state is use to getting the necessary qualification.During the harsh economic weather, banks and other credit-based companies will always work to mitigate the effects of the severe economic weather. For this reason, they end up losing more clients to their sources of capital. A bad economic weather is characterized by the increased qualifications to those who want to secure credit-based loans from the banks. For this reason, banks and other companies have decided to increase their investment capabilities to amounts that cannot be matched in this industry. The headquarters of the company is Indianapolis, Indiana. Since 2003, Equities First Holdings has become worth more than $40 million.

Mike Baur: Making His Dreams Come True by Making Others Realize Their Dreams

Born in Freiburg, Switzerland, and schooled at Bern University and the University of Rochester, Mike Baur had always dreamt of becoming a business maestro in the country. In the early 1990s, a teenager Mike Baur set the ball rolling in the business and finance sector by joining the Union Bank of Switzerland. Managers at the bank were impressed by Mike’s skills and tipped him for greatness in future.



Banking Career



Mike Baur stayed at the Union Bank of Switzerland for 17 years before quitting in 2008. Prior to quitting, he was serving as an investment advisor where he rubbed shoulders with the big and mighty in the Swiss investment arena. His responsibilities included guiding investors attached to the bank on matters of banking as well as how, where, and when to invest.


After leaving UBS, Mike’s next destination was Clariden Leu where he served as a wealth management expert for six years. Over the six years, he was promoted to high-ranking positions and got high compensations. However, the banking industry was becoming too monotonous for Mike – he felt unchallenged. He decided to leave everything behind and focus on helping young and upcoming tech start-up owners to grow their trade.



The Swiss Startup Factory


Mike reached out to his college mate Mr. Max Meister with whom they started the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. The company has an incubator program that not only funds start-ups but also provides them with rent-free offices in Zurich for three months. During that time, startup owners are mentored and trained on how to market their products both locally and internationally. They are also given a platform through which they interact with renowned investors who in most cases buy their business plan and decide to finance them. At the end of the three months, the upcoming tech entrepreneurs set out on their own with an added benefit of having a reliable network of other tech start-ups.


The Swiss Startup Factory has made the dreams of many come true, and by extension, it has impacted positively on the Swiss economy. As such, Mike Baur has attracted admiration not just in his home country but also globally. He has shown the world that dedication and self-discipline can indeed accelerate one’s dreams and at the same time help others accomplish their dreams.


Think Reloaded


Besides the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur is the founder of Think Reloaded. Unlike the former, which looks into the affairs of upcoming tech entrepreneurs, the latter helps established and affluent entrepreneurs with investment advice.

Louis Chenevert: The Outstanding Business Executive Who Made UTC Roar Again

Louis Chenevert spent his entire childhood and youthful life in Montreal, Quebec. He did his degree in business at the University of Montreal, and that formed the basis of his exemplary career in the corporate world. Today, and for the last eleven years, Louis Chenevert was the chairman and the CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) until 2014. His remarkable management and strategizing skills make him stand out as an exceptional business executive and gives him that golden touch that makes him strike business deals that others consider untouchable.

Chenevert’s Successful Journey

For more than ten years after graduation, Chenevert was employed with General Motors. By the time he was quitting the company in 1993, he had risen through the ranks to the position of production general manager. The job was a fantastic stepping stone for him for it not only gave him exposure in the corporate world, but it also gave him a taste of the privileges and challenges that come with being an executive at a big company. When he later joined Pratt & Whitney, he put the experience he had obtained at General Motors to good use, and within the first six years, it was clear to everyone that Mr. Chenevert was the best bet for the company’s presidency.

Louis Chenevert assumed the presidency of Pratt & Whitney Canada in 1999. Under his leadership, the unit production levels at the company rose to unprecedented levels to the delight of all. After seven years in charge, Chenevert decided to leave Pratt & Whitney and take up a job that UTC offered him.

Taking UTC to a Higher Level

UTC manufacture high-technology products, such as heavy jet engines. The company is also doing well in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry and is keen to become the industry leader in the sector. Through making huge investments both in human resource and technology, Chenevert managed to take UTC to a higher level. It was under his leadership that UTC led the chart of American conglomerates with the highest annual profits.

The Career of Dentist Avi Weisfogel

Getting enough sleep is often one of the most underestimated things for many people. Due to busy schedules, a number of people are unable to get enough sleep during each night. As a result, they often need to rely on caffeinated beverages in order to stay awake and functional. Since there are a number of people who don’t get enough sleep, many suffer from negative effects. When you don’t’ get enough sleep, you will began to experience a decline in your appearance. Those who are sleep deprived have puffy bloodshot eyes and also get wrinkles on their face. People who don’t get enough sleep are often suffering from sleep disorders which can indicate adverse effects on one’s health. Therefore, a number of medical professionals have looked to find out the root cause of sleep disorders and find a way to treat them. One of the best known medical professionals who devotes time to addressing sleep disorders is Dr. Avi Weisfogel.

For the last several years, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has spent lots of time researching various sleep disorders. One of the conditions that he actively researches is sleep apnea. Since he discovered that sleep disorders are very common, he has looked to find ways to help people overcome them and live healthier lives. By serving a number of patients as a dentist, he would find out that many of them were suffering from sleep disorders. This prompted him to start up his own company that would work towards learning more about and developing treatment options for sleep disorders.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Masters, which specializes in providing education to dentists and other medical professionals about sleep disorders. With this company, Dr. Weisfogel has made a considerable amount of progress in learning about the main causes of sleep disorders and the best ways to treat them. As a result, he has been able to help improve the quality of life for many of his patients and the patients of other medical professionals. Before starting up Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel worked as a dentist where he established himself as one of the best in the nation.

Waiakea Water makes #414 on the Inc. 5000 list

Every year Annually Inc. Magazine puts out a list called the Inc. 5000, and even more exclusive Inc. 500. They study thousands of the nation’s top leading companies over a three year period to see who has the biggest revenue growth rate. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water now ranks number 414 on the list, which makes them automatically on the even more exclusive 500 list. To illustrate this bottled water’s success they grew over 1,059 percent in a three year period.

Ryan Emmons, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Waiakea, is incredibly proud of his company’s successes, particularly this one. It has been a dream for Waiakea since day one, the thriving entrepreneur said. They look forward as a company to many more achievements and innovations to come. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water joins many other well known companies including Microsoft, GoPro, Timberland, Zappos, Under Armour, and Patagonia on the Inc. 500 list. Waiakea will be honored at the 2017 Inc. 5000 Conference in October in California.

At only 22 years of age, Ryan Emmons founded Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, hailing from the pristine volcano Mauna Loa in Hawaii. Snowmelt and rainfall filters through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock to deliver one of the most delicious and pure water the world has to offer.

Waiakea uses sustainable methods, is eco-friendly, and is socially conscious. On top of that, it is some of the healthiest and purest water in the world. Waiakea is loaded with minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium which are good for your hair, nails, skin, and bones. It is completely alkaline and electrolyte rich. It can help ease symptoms of osteoporosis and fight osteoporosis. It even reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Now that is super healthy!

On the socially conscious aspect of Waiakea, they help keep people in need hydrated where they do not have clean water. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water partnered with Pump Aid to help get clean drinking water to disadvantaged rural communities in Africa. For every liter of Waiakea sold, they donate 650 ml of clean drinking water to these communities. So far, they have supplied over 1.35 people with water.

Food and Beverage Market leader OSI Group

OSI Group has been in the Food and Beverage industry for over 100 years after its foundation in the year 1909. It first started operating in Aurora, Illinois as a small shop serving meat to its customers. The company has since grown to become a market leader and the leading provider of value-added protein items and other food products to retailers and distributors.

OSI Group, formerly known as OSI Industries, Inc has provided job opportunities to over 100,000 people in all of its 65 current locations across the globe. CEO of OSI Group Sheldon Lavin is responsible for most of the company’s success and growth over the years with his strategic market-focus approach. Sheldon’s experience and emphasis on green innovations have seen the company rise to become a dominant force in the global market.

With operations in over 17 counties, OSI Group continues to expand and grow while providing its customers with leading-edge food solutions. The company operates eight factories in China alone, and it is the nation’s leading provider of poultry. OSI Group’s focus in China is due to the large size of consumers and population compared to any other country. The company is also planning expansion facilities in Geneva IL and Hungary, which are expected to increase its production capacity.

More about OSI Group

OSI Group became aggressive in its expansion during the new millennium.OSI Group has participated in some acquisitions and joint ventures in the past, which has boosted its exponential growth. In 2014, OSI Group entered into a venture with Pickstock, a UK based company. The venture enabled the company to expand its beef distribution throughout Europe.

The acquisition of Tyson production plant in Chicago in 2016 for an estimated $7.4 million helped OSI Group to increase its storage capacity since Tyson production happened to be near their Chicago facility. The company was also involved in the acquisition of Hynek Schlachthof GmbH and Flagship Europe in 2016. According to its CEO, Sheldon Lavin OSI Group is committed to offering more to its customers. Therefore, it is not about to stop its growth and expansion plans anytime soon.

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Betsy DeVos Gives towards Positive Change

Betsy DeVos has been an active politician since her college days at Michigan University. She was then known as Elisabeth Prince, and she would always vie for political positions that interested her in the college. Due to her influence and ability to deliver her promises, students elected her in various positions to represent them. Many reports show that she always met the people’s expectations and surpassed them. In a similar way, Betsy DeVos pursues political interests to the present day. Betsy takes on projects or initiatives that help transform the society in a positive manner. She was elected as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party four consecutive times. She has also held many political positions and chaired committees and commissions that form political parties. However, right now she has shifted her attention to cases that are related to education reform system.

Betsy and Dick DeVos believe that the current education system is limiting to the kids, who come from the wrong zip codes. These children are most times unable to achieve the American dream thanks to the limits of the old public school system. Betsy and Dick DeVos mainly give towards Charter and Voucher Schools with the intention of helping the needy kids, who cannot afford the fees in the schools. In an interview, Betsy said that the couple began giving to these schools when they were just young in marriage. They attended a school meeting at Potters House School, which is owned by Bishop Jakes. The couple realized that albeit most parents in the school could hardly afford the fees in the schools, they opted to put their kids in the schools because the environment was safe. Betsy and Dick started paying tuition fees for some of the kids in the school. They also identified other similar schools and began a support program for the kids, who were enrolled there. Betsy and Dick wanted to reduce the dropout rates and give the kids a better future.

Betsy also has a passion to help the people, who are less privileged; a virtue which she learned from her parents. Luckily, Betsy married Dick DeVos, a man who came from a family that was even more philanthropic work. Dick, just like Betsy, is a philanthropist, and together they have founded the Dick and Betsy family Foundation, which donates to noble courses in the society. Albeit the two are criticized for giving towards political courses, they are more given to philanthropic giving and the former is only pocket change in comparison to the latter.Betsy DeVos is also known as a disruptor of the norm. She easily deviates from a course, which she finds not beneficial to the society. As a result, many people have called her an activist, who influences people towards more beneficial courses. Betsy is also an innovator.


Meet man behind Televisa’s dominance: Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

     Televisa is a leading multimedia company in Spanish speaking countries. The company also operates cable television services to the Mexicans and direct-to-home satellite TV services.

The company was founded in 1973 by Emilio Azcarraga Vidaurreta. Televisa also serves the United States market through Univision Company and has control of over 66% of 465 televisions operating in Mexico.

Since its launch, the company has been under Azcarraga family where up to date, has been led by three generations of this family. Each is passing the leadership of the company to his son after his death.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is Televisa’s managing director and Executive Vice President since 2009.

Televisa’s assets and services

Televisa is the leading media conglomerate ( a company with more other smaller often unrelated companies) in Latin America followed by Grupo Globo. The company is involved in the following industries;

Television broadcasting services

Distributing Television programs globally

Satellite services such as direct-to-home satellite

Newspapers, magazines and books publishing and distribution.

The subsidiary company involved include; Vanidades, TVyNovelas, Rolling Stone Mexico among others

Cable TV called Televisa Networks which brings together more than ten companies and internet portals

Film production and marketing such as Telenovelas are the most popular worldwide and run for one season.

The TV shows created and distributed by the company include;


Alma de Hierro

Amigo and Friends

Mar de Amor


Real Love among others.

The company has employed over 25,000 people and posted a profit of over US$672.7 million (2012).

About Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is a name you won’t miss when you ask about Televisa. He has been in management position since 1997 when he first joined the board. After that, he was elected as the CFO and later the Executive VP of the Largest Media Company in Latin America.

Before this epic rise, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega worked as a lawyer at White & Case LLP in New York City which later inspired him to launch his own law firm Minajares, Angoitia, Cortes y Furntes, S.C.

He is also a philanthropist and offers his services to the community. He chairs the board of Trustees of Kardias A.C.


OSI Group a Leader in the Food Service Sector

OSI Group, a privately owned meat processing company is one of the leading service providers in the retail and foods services sector. Based in Aurora Illinois, the company supplies not only meat, but also sea food, vegetable and vegetable products, fruits and also products made from cheese. The company manufacturing divisions in the United States, in Europe and in the Asia pacific and was previously known as OSI Industries before the name was changed to the present name, The OSI Group.

The Background of OSI Group

The company’s roots can be traced to Germany. Otto Kolschowsky moved from Germany and settled in the United States where he established family meat company two years after he had settled in America. The company grew and in 1917, Otto ventured into the wholesale meat business. In 1928, Otto changed the name of the company to Otto and Sons and the company’s reputation grew because they business continued to provide locals with quality meats.

OSI Group maintains Its Reputation

Today, the OSI Group has continued to provide outstanding services to its clients in the food industry through quality products made to order solution. The company is a global leader in food business and many well-known food companies depend on the OSI Group for innovative solutions to their intricate food development and processing requirements.

OSI Recognized for Commendable Work

In 2011, Forbes listed the company as one of the biggest private companies at number 136 because OSI Groups commands annual revenue of about $3 billion. In 2016, the company moved higher up the rankings in the listings of Forbes at number 58 with revenues of over $6 billion. The image of the OSI Group has always been one of distinction as evidenced by their UK division getting awarded with the respected Globe of Honor Award. This was given to them in 2016 by the British Safety Council and was given because of the commendable manner in which the company managed environmental risks

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George Soros strengthen the world around him

George Soros has become a beloved political contributor inside Democratic circles. He has also become one of the leading philanthropists in the country. George Soros has given more than $12 billion dollars to a variety of organizations and causes. He has financially contributed to organizations and people who fight freedoms that every man deserves to have including freedom of expression. He is also fighting for governments to be held accountable and transparent. George Soros’ financial contributions has been geared towards people groups who have discrimination strictly for who they are.

George Soros has financially supported the Roma people, drug users, sex workers and the LGBTI people. George Soros has faced discrimination as a child. In 1930, George Soros was born in Hungary and later survived the 1944-1945 Nazi occupation of his home, which saw the murder of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. George Soros and his family escape the violence by hiding their true background, using fabricated identity papers and helping others do the same. Read his profile at Forbes.

George Soros left Hungary in 1947, when the Communists were beginning to seize power. He left for London, where we found work as a porter and waiter. He attended the London School of Economics. In 1970, George Soros emigrated to the United States. Upon arriving to New York he opened his hedge fund group the Soros Fund Management, which ended up making him one of the most successful investors in the history of America. George Soros then used his successes to launch the Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations is a collaborative network of organizations, partners and projects in over 100 countries. According to Politico, George Soros believes that that societies can only flourish when they allow a democratic government to grow, freedom of expression and respect individual rights.

George Soros first got into philanthropy in the late 1970s, giving scholarships to black kids living under apartheid in South Africa. In the 1980s, George Soros spoke on the need for the exchange of ideas in the Communist Eastern Bloc. After the Berlin Wall fell, George Soros opened the Central European University. The university became a school that stimulated critical thinking. After the Cold War, George Soros grew his philanthropy work to the United States, Africa and Asia. In the United States, George Soros fired back against the “war on drugs,” saying it does not help but only harms people.

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George Soros continues to tire but still takes an active role in the Open Society Foundations. George Soros travels advocating for positive changes meeting with global leaders who will listen, both in private and in public. He is also a supporter of several organizations including the International Crisis Group. Read more on