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Taking The Stress Out of an Event

Stressful is a word that is commonly used to describe the event planning process. By following some tips given by event planners, that does not have to be the case. Planning an event can be fun if it is done right.


Preplanning is essential to a successful event. Start be deciding when the event will be and what the theme is going to be. Make lists of everything that needs to be done for the event and also make lists of things you do not want to forget. Staying organized will help to relieve some stress and help to prevent issues from popping up later on.


Invitations will need to be sent out for the event. It has become common to invite people electronically, but people still appreciate receiving a paper invitation. The invitations will give guests a glimpse into what the event will be about.


When the day of the event arrives, begin setting up early. This will allow you time to get yourself ready before guests start to arrive. If there will be children in attendance, set up a children’s area. Place crayons, colored pencils, and paper in a specific area. This will keep the children busy and entertained.


When it comes to food and drink, keeping it simple is the best way to be stress-free. Setting up stations around the room gives guests a way to serve themselves. Offer different options for both food and drink to satisfy everyone that is in attendance.


The biggest thing to remember during the event is to stay relaxed. If you are relaxed, you will have a good time. If you are having a good time, your guests will as well.


A lot goes into planning an event and not everyone wants to take on that responsibility. For those who choose not to, there are professionals who are ready to take on that task. Twenty Three Layers is a New York City based company who are the best in their field. They take pride in their work and do everything they can to pull off an event like no other.

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Kevin Seawright Life: Making the World a Better Place One Step at a Time

If you want to excel at life, you need to think of several ways to get better with your finances. For many people, this is their biggest issue in terms of how to succeed at a high level. Kevin Seawright is a financial planner who is trying to take people to a new level. Learn more about more Kevin Seawright:

With his great level of experience, you can learn the tips and tricks that you need to have success. Many people struggle with debt, and this is something that you need to figure out in a variety of ways. If you can get your debt paid off, this will open up cash flow for you to invest and save with.

Early Career

From the time he started in the industry, Kevin Seawright has always been about helping others. There are many people who are thankful for his hard work and dedication in the field over the years. Not only that, but he has invested a lot of time and money to get his business where it is today.

With all of the changes in the financial planning industry, it is no longer easy to figure out ways to drive value for your customers. The stock market is going up, but people must be able to take advantage of these changes in order to have success over the long term. According to Market Wired, a lot of people need the guidance that Kevin Seawright can bring them.

Future Plans

In the coming years, he is going to invest more time and money to expand his business. A lot of people are excited about the changes that he is making in the business for a variety of reasons.

Not only will he be able to help other people more than ever before, but he has the tools that he needs to grow the business in a variety of ways.

If you want to excel at what you are doing, he is a great example to follow. He brings a lot of passion to his work, and it is obvious that he loves what he does by working with people on their finances.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Dominating Fashion E-Commerce

When movie star Kate Hudson launched Fabletics, her athletic apparel brand, in 2013, it was strictly an online retail brand. Coinciding with the rising popularity of wearing athletic gear as everyday wear, Hudson demonstrated a true understanding of fashion consumer trends.


Hudson herself was no stranger to the athletic apparel industry. Her Instagram account, which boasts millions of followers, is full of images of her in her favorite workout gear, offering tons of fitness tips to her loyal fans. Even before launching Fabletics, many were impressed by how Hudson had managed to reinvent herself from glitzy movie star to a respected wellness guru.


However, few were aware of Hudson’s entrepreneurial genius. When the Fabletics website was launched, it was based off of a unique subscription service model. While anyone can order athletic gear directly from the company’s website, customers are highly encouraged to join the VIP membership program. This subscription-based program allows members to receive a full workout outfit each month for a monthly fee of $49.95. The first outfit is half the price. Shipping is always free.


When notable bloggers Joanie and Heather of signed up to become VIP members, they had their doubts that the clothing would live up to the hype since the price was so low. However, they were happy to report that Fabletics clothes are built with high quality materials.


Like all subscribers, they filled out a questionnaire upon signing up for the program. This questionnaire gives Fabletics insight into each subscriber’s unique fitness and fashion preferences, allowing the company to pick out the outfit so that subscribers don’t have to.


$250 million in revenue later, it’s clear that this unique business model worked. Because of the company’s success, Hudson has been able to launch a handful of brick-and-mortar Fabletics stores across the United States and is planning on launching even more across the world over the next three to five years. These stores aren’t your average retail stores, however; instead of being intended to earn the company additional revenue, they exist to encourage customers to sign up to become VIP members, earning the company more revenue online.


This concept is called the “reverse showroom.” Physical stores are built so that customers can see the products in person before buying them online. This strategy most appeals to customers who like to feel and see clothing in person before buying.


Every element of the physical Fabletics stores is designed in a way that encourages customers to buy online. When customers try on clothes in the dressing room, these items show up in their online shopping carts. While in the store, Fabletics employees encourage customers to sign up to the membership. So far, 25 percent of physical store customers have signed up to become VIP members. 35 percent of customers who make a purchase at a physical Fabletics store are already members.


Thanks to the enormous success of this concept, Fabletics is continuing to outshine other fashion retailers. The brand has even managed to outsell Amazon’s fashion department. Hudson’s innovative ideas have proven that she deeply understands online consumer trends.

Discover The Perfect Online Opportunity For Wine Lovers In The Travelling Vineyard

Have you heard about the Traveling Vineyard? It is an innovative home-based business seeking to encourage a wine culture and grow sales. Wine lovers are motivated to host tasting parties by purchasing wine from the company. They are trained on the qualities of a good wine through discounted tasting bottles, online training, and sales support.

They provide useful information on topics such as the healthy benefits of a wine culture and pairing wines with foods. The result of training is to become a wine guide, a Travelling Vineyard Independent Consultant. The training takes place online, and experienced mentors are on hand to answer all questions. The products are exceptional, and training is comprehensive.

You earn by hosting a wine tasting party and from product sales. The Travelling Vineyard offers free shipping and discounts for wines used during the first two wine tasting parties hosted. Five bottles of wine are contained in one tasting kit. Your friends and acquaintances then order the wine from the company. The company delivers directly to the buyers, and you get sales commissions of between 15-35% depending on monthly sales volume.

The Travelling Vineyard has been in operation since 2001. It aims to strengthen personal relationships while rewarding the host Independent Consultant on network marketing basis. Products offered include 21 wine varieties and accessories such as chillers and openers. The starter kit goes for $174 and consists of everything you will need to host a wine tasting party including all accessories, literature and promotional materials and two wine kits.

You can earn back this investment through sales. The sales program contains plenty of discounts and perks to help you earn more from your efforts. In addition to wine tasting events and referral sales, you can increase income through online sales and the monthly wine club sales offer.

The Travelling Vineyard provides an excellent online model business opportunity. There are no overheads other than a few bottles of wine to occasionally host the tasting party. You host the tasting session in the comfort of your home. Think of a winery tour, but in your home.

Wine guides have flexibility on work schedule and income. There are no sales quotas. You can work as much as you want when you want

Improving Infrastructure – Mike Heiligenstein

Most of the discussions that are usually held in Austin regarding transit mainly focus on the city itself, but this time there was a great opportunity to extend the debate on the transport challenges that have been facing the people of Austin and its surroundings. In the panel of discussion, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Executive Director Mike Heiligeistein was included together with Joseph Kopser the founder of RideScout LLC, and Leandre Johns. On the discussion, the panel focused on the designer who [proposed on the aerial gondola system for the central Austin. The event on the discussion of the transportation issues in Austin was held at Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center. The panel involved in the debate mainly focused on how technology has been changing the transportation sector in Austin and internationally.

In a statement said by Mike on how the transportation industry is drastically changing with the expansion and technology diversification such as ridesharing apps and driverless vehicles. Mr. Mike mentioned that Austin needs to expand its transportation capability exacting on building more modernized roads. Mike referred to the building of smarter roads was the only way the Austin County can ensure that they met the transport demands of the growing population which are mostly concentrated in the suburbs such as the Williamson County.

For the last 15 years, areas such as the Williamson have done a great job by restructuring its transport facilities. Mike congratulated the management of the county, but he advised them to build more roads as they will still experience an increase in their population. Mike also said that time would come where the only corridors remaining will need to be smarter and advanced regarding their technology. Ficklin was responding to a question from one of the panel moderators when he mentioned that the building and the use of land codes need to remain flexible.

Mike Heiligestein has a career as the developer of infrastructure in Central Texas. Currently, Mike is the leader of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. The Mobility was created in 2002 as an independent body. The primary purpose of establishing the movement was to design a modernized local transportation network in the Texas area. For more than 23 years, Mike has been representing the people of Texas by serving as an elected official in Williamson County. Mike has also been in the forefront to expand the waste water, infrastructure, and water in Austin. Mr. Mike is a graduate of the University of Texas, and he is a master’s degree holder in Government and Business Administration.

Learn more:

About Mike Heiligenstein

Service Gets Inexpensive With FreedomPop

For some people, it can be hard to pay for phone service. This is often the problem for many people. A lot of people that are faced with very little money are often having to go without phone service. Fortunately, there is a solution in the form of FreedomPop which allows people to enjoy some free services. This is very convenient for people who need to keep in touch with people while they don’t have that much money to begin with. However, talking and texting is not the only thing that makes it worth signing up for FreedomPop. People also get to use the internet as well.


FreedomPop has definitely been started with the purpose of solving problems for customers. There are a lot of features that should compel them to make the switch from their old mobile carrier to the new and convenient services of FreedomPop. They will not feel the need to switch back once they find all of the services that this carrier has to offer.


As with other mobile carriers, one has to find the right devices in order to get involved with the mobile service. Fortunately, there are tons of mobile devices that are connected to the carrier. All that needs to happen is for an order to be placed. Then the company will send the product. Once the customer gets the product, then all he has to do is sign up for the service and he will enjoy the free service right away.


In order to get the full story on what FreedomPop has to offer, it is important to read a comprehensive FreedomPop review. This will save the customer from any major surprises. He will know what to expect from the service. Those that have made the switch have not switched back to their older carrier.


Christanna Bevin attributes that have changed project consultancy services

Confidence and self-determination is one sure way of prospering and eventually succeeding in all our endeavors. Many professional personalities have invested a lot of energy in coming up with ways of understanding how to tackle every situation in life. Christanna Bevin is one of the successful personalities in the field of business management, project control, procurement and commercial administration. This is the key business capabilities that have made it possible for him to diversify and excel in whatever field he undertakes. Currently he is a dedicated project service manager under mining and metal industry in Australia. She previously attended Australian institute of business where she performed excellently to become a game changer in service delivery after his graduation. Currently she is also involved in consulting services where she has grown her customer base to higher levels. She is outspoken and outstanding in both written and spoken English. Through these skills, she has been able to articulate a lot of information geared towards helping clients understand whatever they are investing in.

Christanna Bevin has developed and mastered the art of management and engagement skills. This are some of the major skills any management personality should be having in order to deliver services effectively. She has all the attributes that have been envied by many people across the world. As such, she has continued expanding her scope to include problem solving skills. She previously worked at Universal Energy Services where she acted exceptionally well and propelled the company to reach international standards. As such, Christanna Bevin has left a reputable legacy from the organizations he worked in earlier thus increasing on her demand in the international arena. She has been attributed as a person of immense learning capabilities who never gives up until she accomplishes her objective. Her objective is always driven by the urge to satisfy her clients. She has also acted as a Desktop review manager for the Greenfield coal project in Australia. This one saw him help the company realize an increased network of over $700million. This increased her employment portfolio and as a result she received a lot of recommendation from many companies.

Donald Scott Shaving Modifications

Donald Scott NYC is well known for the invention of Razors. The inevntions consists of a carving comb, it has two razors at one end and a cutting comb on the other end, DS/4X finishing tool, and Stik Pro portable trimmer. These tools have made Donald Scott NYC famous, for their great features, a variety of customers prefer this brand; it is easy to use hence time-consuming and profit maximization. It is also safe to use; it cannot hurt the artist and the customers among being a hygienic tool.
Besides Donald Scott NYC being famous for the straight razors, he also invented a variety of tools to add texture and movement while making hair styles and a liquid tool for razor cutting. All these tools have been qualified and ranked as high-quality tools that have guaranteed reliability; they are durable, can live for decades and a great functionality that ensures consistent performance every time.