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The Life and Career of Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray or Steve as he was best known was a successful investor in private equity as well as a prominent philanthropist before passing away in early last year. He was the CEO and President of CCMP Capital, which is a private equity firm whose main area of focus is leveraged buyout and growth equity transactions.
CCMP Capital makes investments in private equity ranging from $100 million to $500 million. The firm mostly invests in companies in the healthcare, industrial, energy and consumer sectors. Some of the companies it has invested in include Quiznos Corporation, Warner Chilcott Plc and Cabela’s Inc.

According to RCACTrack, Stephen Murray grew up in Westchester County, New York City. He attended Boston College where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1984. He then proceeded to Columbia Business School for his master’s degree in Business Administration where he graduated in 1989.

Nypost and Crunchbase has it that Stephen Murray had a very illustrious career in private equity investment. Immediately after graduating from Boston College, he joined Manufacturers Hanover Corporation where he took part in the credit analyst training program. In 1989 he started working at MH Equity Corporation. The firm had just combined its finance unit with the private group of Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. Later on in 1991, Manufacturers Hanover was acquired by Chemical Bank while MH Equity got into a successful merger with Chemical Venture Partners.

In 2005, Steve joined JP Morgan Partners where he served as the head of buyout business. A year later, he co-founded CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital is a division of JP Morgan Chase and it spun out in order to avoid conflicting with the bank’s customers. He subsequently became its CEO in 2007. CCMP Capital has been very successful something that is attributed to Steve’s positive contributions.

Stephen Murray was also a member of boards of several major firms such as Aramark, AMC Entertainment, Generac Power Systems, The Vitamin Shoppe, Pinnacle Foods, Warner Chilcott, Legacy Hospital Partners and Cabela’s.

Apart from having a successful career in the private equity investment industry, Steve was also a generous philanthropist. Stephen Murray supported several institutions such as Boston College, Columbia Business School, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Stamford Museum and the Food of Lower Fairfield County. In the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Steve served as a member of the Chairman’s Council. He was also the vice chairman at Boston College’s board of trustees.

Steve was married to Tami A. Murray with whom he had four sons. He lived with his wife in Stamford, Connecticut.

The Development of an Online Public Relations Firm

With political news making the front headlines, it comes as no surprise that one of the most useful companies to utilize for someone in the public eye is an online reputation management company. Companies in particular that specialize in online reputation management are able to not only create a positive image using the web, but also are able to minimize any negative news in the midst of a scandal. One company in particular that has risen to the top of this industry within the last few years is Status Labs which has experts working around the clock in order to provide the best possible results to every customer.

Status Labs is specifically an online marketing and public relations firm that has offices located in Brazil, Austin, Texas, as well as in New York City. Recently in news, the New York City team has relocated to a new facility in Manhattan. This new location will be bigger for the purpose of accommodating Status Labs fast growing team. The move will officially take place exactly one year after their initial move to New York City. Within the year to come, the team along with founder, Darius Fisher, plan to higher five more professionals to complete the team.

Darius Fisher is excited for the move due to the fact that the more the company grows, the more clients the company can take on. The company already has over 1,500 clients in 35 different countries. All of the clients are a part of the public eye and want the best online reputation management firm that they can find in order to create a positive image and to minimize any negative feedback.

The experts at Status Labs understand that in order to create a positive image, social media as well as SEO content are some of the best tools to use. Using SEO content will put the positive content about the client at the top while eliminating anyone’s visual contact with negative content. Darius Fisher, along with his team, created this company in order to give people a second chance from little mistakes made.

Weight Loss Made Easy

I have been looking for ways to lose weight for a few years. From dieting to walking with my dog in the afternoons, it seems like nothing I try seems to work. No matter what, I can’t lose the 50 pounds that I desire to lose so that I like myself. That’s when I found NutriMost. I saw the claims posted on that you can lose 40 pounds in 40 days by taking the product. Being the skeptical person that I am, I tried the product.
One of the things that I enjoy is that NutriMost doesn’t do exactly the same thing for each person. Mitch Gordon is the owner of the product, and when I heard that he lost weight with it, I knew it was for me. The system helps to identify the foods that use the most fat and those that will store the most fat in your body. I enjoy the program because I don’t have to starve myself. There are fruits and vegetables that I can eat without feeling guilty that help me lose weight. The cravings are gone, and I have seen that I can lose several pounds in a week if I eat the foods that boost my metabolism. NutriMost has videos on Youtube that encourages everyone to learn more about the program.
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Will Kyle Bass Ever Stop Telling Half Truths?

Kyle Bass has a history of telling half truths to sell himself as an expert in finance. She spends a lot of his time on TV talking about how he got the collapse of loans in America, but he has not spent much time doing anything else right. His most recent idea is that both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton would make good presidents. He talked out both sides of his mouth, and he did not seem to understand how policies generally work.

One of the first questions was about the candidate he thought would be good for America. He said that Donald Trump could be good for bad reasons, but that is not an answer at all. He also said that Hilary Clinton would be good to help bring drug prices down. The problem is that people believe him when he says that drug prices need to be blown up. He advocates suing drug companies to invalidate their patents, and now he thinks a president can help him do that.

He is so far off the mark that he says people should not listen to him on policy, but then he starts talking about a false credit bubble in Asia. The “credit bubble” in Asia is actually a problem with currency that all good economists will acknowledge, but he is making it sound like people can make a fortune like he did in betting against Asia. Asia is too big to fail at this point, and people are more likely to make money if they bet on Asia growing. The other issue with what Kyle Bass talks about is that he always leaves out the part about how he is mismanaging his hedge fund.

UsefulStooges reports that the hedge fund that Kyle Bass started is based in Texas, and it has not performed well since the collapse of the economy in 2008. He has made a lot of money for himself, but it does not look like people are making money if they are his customers. That is a serious problem for people who take him seriously, and research should show that Kyle Bass is not trustworthy when it comes to other people’s money. He likes to talk a big game, but there is very little evidence to show that he will be able to help people make more money from investing. At best, he is a pundit who has not been right in a long time.

Increased Assistance For Refugees Under Plan From George Soros

The billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros has recently released an essay published by CNBC detailing how he would handle the refugee crisis that is sweeping across the European Union. A combination of terror and lack of economic advancement have combined to push thousands of migrants from the Middle East into Europe on at a rate the continent is struggling to cope with; Soros believes the use of Greece as a form of holding pen for refugees is bringing increased problems to the debt ridden nation and the continent wide political group.

The European Union has been the source of much concern for George Soros in recent months as he splits his time between examining the political problems facing the continent and the U.S. Presidential elections. George Soros has been a major supporter of liberal groups throughout his life, which was affected by his imprisonment in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II.

George Soros is most famous for the work he has completed as a financial expert on that has allowed him to build a personal fortune estimated to have reached more than $25 billion. During his career George Soros made his name by taking a number of calculated risks based on his knowledge of the way the global economy was headed; perhaps the most famous moment for George Soros was his role in the 1992 devaluation of the British Pound.

The influx of refugees into the European Union has been of great concern to George Soros who has spent a large amount of the last few years warning of the potential collapse of the EU because of mismanagement. Soros explains in his essay that the latest deal struck between Germany and Turkey will not prove a success because it continues the trend of German Chancellor Angela Merkel scraping together enough funds to defeat the problem being faced in the short term. Soros believes it is possible to fund the influx of refugees at levels reaching 500,000 new arrivals each year with little impact on the level of debt each European Union member state will have to cope with.

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Dick DeVos and His Wife Support School Vouchers

People may know Dick DeVos from his time as one of the owners of the Orlando Magic or from his unsuccessful attempts to run for governor of Michigan. They may not know the billionaire philanthropist and Amway executive for his charity work. He and his wife, Betsy Prince DeVos run the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The foundation works to build stronger communities by promoting art, education and other community-related causes.

DeVos regularly contributes his money to political causes that support his worldview, including supporting school choice programs. The school choice issue came to the forefront in the 1990s when conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh suggested using vouchers as a way to solve the country’s education problems. People who support school vouchers believe a lack of competition in the public school system gives public schools no motivation to improve. By putting the public schools into direct competition with privately owned schools, parents are free to send their children to the better performing schools which is what Dick DeVos believes in.

Religious schools are the primary beneficiaries of such programs, but that is because most privately owned schools in the United States are owned by churches. Vouchers do not have to be used to send children to religious schools. Parents can use these programs to send their children to better performing public schools because federal law allows students to attend a school that is outside of their home district.

The DeVos foundation offers educational vouchers to families living in west central Michigan, and the husband and wife team who runs the foundation supports expanding school voucher programs.

Contact Dick DeVos on his Windquest profile or check out his Facebook to learn more about his career and activities.

Expert Insight From Writer Michael Zomber

Guns and armor have fascinated people for centuries. People around the world have found the world of war something they find intriguing. They have also found that objects related to war can also be fascinating. One person who joins in this enthusiasm is Michael Zomber. Zomber has long found the world of weapons and objects related to weaponry to hold great fascination to him. He has taken this sense of wonder a step further by learning as much as he can about this time frame and using it to his advantage. Over the years, Zomber has turned his passion for this time frame into a business that allows him to support his family and share his passion for the subject with others who adore it as well.

His Specialty

His website bio reflects that Michael Zomber has been particularly fascinated by the use of ancient armor and weaponry in Japan. Japanese culture in ancient times was centered around the ideal of warriors who use their innate skills to engage in honorable combat. The items that were used by those of this time in Japan are highly sought after by many collectors. The armor and the swords that many ancient Japanese craftsmen created at the time have endured since that period and remain as artifacts to a much different time than our own. Many people today eagerly collect such objects and see out the opportunity to own such items. They rely on the advice of people like Zomber who can help them figure out the differences between each type of armor as well as how such items are made.

Expert Understanding

People want to work with those who know this field and know it well. This is where Zomber knows that he can help. He knows a great deal about all aspects of weaponry of all kinds with a particular emphasis on swords and armor. His particular specialty is that of ancient Japan, an area of the world that is known to have been home to some of the world’s best metal workers. He has spent many years of his studying this part of the world and learning about the kinds of items that were commonly used back then. This is one of many reasons why so many others have turned to him for help as he helps them sort through potential objects they might want to consider purchasing that are on the market for sale today.

Madison Street Capital COO To Be Awarded Emerging Leaders Award

Investing is a complicated world that is rife with choices that must be made. Those choices can make or break the financial future of those who make them. It is for this reason that when choosing an investment bank they should have a global reach with a local concern. Madison Street Capital offers just that.

Anthony Marsala is the present Chief Operating Officer and one of the cofounders of Madison Street Capital. He has been working in investment banking for more than 15 years. He has the experience and the knowledge to make deals that bring forth financial growth and can help investors avert losses through diversification.

One of his main concentrations is in mergers and acquisitions. He has aided in bringing the financial sector into the future and has helped to formulate rules and regulations that make a difference in how the public views brokers and brokerage firms.

In a recent report by Benzinga, Mr. Marsala has been honored as one of the recent inductees to the 7th annual Emerging Leaders Award. This award recognizes not only his own accomplishments within the business sector, but also as a leader and motivator in the business sector.

This award recognizes inductees as distinguished in their field and in their leadership. Mr. Marsala is excited to get the award. Although he acknowledges the dedication and support he has gotten from both family and friends. He states that the exceptional people in his life are who have motivated him to be better in his field and have ultimately contributed to his getting the award.

Madison Street Capital is proud of the accomplishments that Mr Marsala has acquired. They feel that he is an appropriate example as to what the company tries to represent to clients. It is in his leadership that MSC remains at the top of their field and will continue to strive for better relationships with their clients and upholding a high standard of service.

The award was initially meant to recognize the forty best in business who were and are under 40. It is meant to not only celebrate, but also to recognize those individuals who have reached a higher level of success and have forged the way to contributing to society and the business sector. Mr Marsala strongly appreciates the recognition that this award brings and hopes to live up to the standards that he feels it conveys to the public and the business realm.

Brad Reifler Offers his Insights About Bitcoin

The Bitcoin digital currency system has had a checkered history, full of ups and downs. According to an article featured on Inquisitr, the internet based virtual currency system is not controlled by any governing body and does not match the general definition of currency. In the recent past, Bitcoin has gained notoriety following revelations that it was being used to cover illegal drug activities. In October 2013, the FBI closed down the Silk Road Online market for involvement in illegal activities and took over 144,000 Bitcoin that was valued at about $28 million.

The other worry about Bitcoin stems from the warning by the European Banking Authority that the currency can be stolen easily because it lacks critical consumer protections. Statistics also show that the commercial use of Bitcoin is very minimal, compared to those who use the currency for speculative purposes. In spite of the unfavorable events, Bitcoin has witnessed a steady growth because it attracts lower fees compared to credit processors. This has made it an attractive option for many businesses.

One of the biggest supporters of Bit coin is Marc Anderson of A16Z venture capital. He intends to invest more in the currency because it promises a great future. Brad Reifler, the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital sees it differently. According to him, investors should always avoid putting their money on risky investments like Bitcoin. Reifler adds that Bitcoin is irrelevant and dangerous at this time and age because of the legal restrictions that make it hard for non-accredited persons to invest in start-ups and other business ventures.

About Brad Reifler
Brad Reifler is a renowned serial entrepreneur and founder of Forefront Capital. According to Wikipedia Brad is also the former founding partner and CEO of a global financial service company called Pali. The New York City based private wealth management and financial services firm Forefront Capital was founded in May 2009. The firm offers various advisory and investment services including; investment banking, investment advisory services and asset management to high net worth clients.

Reifler is a great supporter of smart investing for long-term gain. He observes that that the investment world is dominated by a small percentage of 1 percenters. According to an article published in Reuters on November 2014, these rich investors have often used diversification to attain investment success. To encourage the remaining 99 percenters to invest prudently, Reifler has offered 5 tips to ensure success:
• All investors should take utmost caution when investing by considering the inherent risks as well charges and expenses.
• Be concerned about the safety of your money
• Investors should avoid putting all their money in the stock market
• Investors should know and trust the individual who is investing their money

Fabletics Dresses and Swimsuits for Spring

Kate Hudson continues to prove that she understands what women want from their wardrobes. Comfort, support and style are all high on the wish list of most women, and Kate’s Fabletics is ready with the answer to all three.
Kate recently sat down with Marie Claire Magazine to talk about Fabletics’ new spring offerings, available in April.

The first is a new line of chic athleisure dresses. Kate’s idea is that active women don’t just want to be able to move and be comfortable while working out. She notes that expanding into evening wear was a “natural progression”, and that these dresses will take women from the office to date night to girls’ night out with ease. Best of all, they are made with the same supportive materials as Fabletics’ workout clothes, and as she gleefully tells us, “No Spanx required!”

Next, coming out in mid-April, is a line of performance swimwear including both one and two piece suits. Sexy and supportive, these swimsuits are sturdy enough for beach volleyball, comfortable enough for yoga and gorgeous enough for lounging in the sun. Kate says she wants women to feel protected while still feeling sexy and feminine.

The company, Kate says, is focused on encouraging health and fitness, and the designs of their clothing are meant to enable the wearer to be as active as they want while looking and feeling stylish and attractive. That’s a perfect combination according to Fabletics’ happy customers.

Kate Hudson founded Fabletics in 2013 along with her partners, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Along with their robust website, there are currently six brick and mortar store locations across the United States. The company offers VIP Membership for $49.95 per month which includes free shipping within the contiguous states for orders of $49.95 and over. Customers are also able to purchase without joining the VIP program, or skip a month by notifying Fabletics.

New customers complete a quick questionnaire about their workout habits, body type and style preferences. Once completed, the official Fabletics page at Facebook offers monthly custom recommendations geared specifically to each person’s tastes and workout needs.

All of it on YouTube shows that they’re a subsidiary of JustFab, Inc.