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Kevin Seawright and Newark CEDC Helping Students Get Summer Employment

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is taking aim to help students find employment. In a time when it is hard for experienced individuals to find work, chief financial officer of Newark CEDC, Kevin Seawright, is partnering with NewarkWorks and city officials to provide the Summer Youth Employment Plan. In the past applying for the program has been complicated taking up to six weeks for approval and work to pan out. However, now students can apply online in about 30 minutes. Seawright commends the process attributing the soaring number of applicants to the easy sign up process.

The program is developed to give students experience in the work world and prepare them for the future. Teaching students real-world skills will help them prepare for college and the careers that follow. As part of these real-world skills, Seawright has partnered with local banks to assist in teaching financial literacy courses to further prepare students to be on their own. The program will run for six weeks throughout the summer and will pay minimum wage at least. The experience gained by this program will be invaluable to the students who participate.

Seawright joined the Newark CEDC in 2015 after the company rebranded from Brick City Development Corporation. He worked in many different areas of local government, education and real estate in Baltimore and Washington D.C. With a masters in accounting from Almeda University, Seawright has experience in the financial sector especially in government areas. With his experience, Seawright has helped create sound accounting practices that have saved businesses he has worked with money as well as improving efficiency. He has worked in one of the largest Departments of Recreation and Parks in Maryland and handled large budgets with city and state funds. He can be trusted to use public money wisely and efficiently. He has also undergone an Executive Leadership Program by Norte Dame and received a Certificate of Achievement in the second part of the Nonprofit Fund Development Program as part of the Executive Leadership Program.  Something that helped Kevin land the CFO position in the first place.

Newark CEDC is designed to encourage the growth of the Newark community by attracting businesses to the area and helping small businesses grow. They focus on minority owned small businesses offering advice and small business loans. Partnering with Newark Department of Economic & Housing Development to oversee economic development encouraging growth allowing the community of newark to flourish.

Results of Using Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner On Fine Hair

A woman with fine hair gave her account of her experimental use of Wen hair Cleansing Conditioner sold by the popular hair care company, WEN Hair products by Chaz Dean. She had seen facebook posts about how this hair care product and was curious to see if she could get the same results as the models in the videos seemed to have.

She tried the Cleansing Conditioner on her hair while showering. The amount of the product the label recommended was much more than she was used to applying with other brands of hair conditioner. But, she dutifully applied the medium range recommended for her hair length. Her intention was to see if she could achieve the same results as the models showed on her television.

After 7 days of using the Wen hair product every day, she concluded that the Cleansing Conditioner is a great product for women with fine hair like hers. She experienced no hair loss, but noted that it became clear that she had to use the product daily to get the fuller more luxurious hair she desired. So, she will be using the product in the future to get fuller feeling and shinier hair. This story was published on Bustle.

In Hollywood, Chaz Dean is a very successful and quite popular hair stylist. Many of the biggest celebrities love his hair inventions. He is a very private person who was born in Canada thirty-something years ago. It is not only his personal styling for the stars of Hollywood that he is famous for. He also produces a number of hair care products. He is constantly inventing and innovating both in styling hair and in his product line.

His line of products also features different shampoos as well as conditioners. They are very popular with his many customers, as evidenced by his very wealthy lifestyle. He is known as a very generous and a kind man with a humble heart, even though he is fabulously successful. He is well built and handsome. His parents are quite proud of his resounding success.


Keith Mann The Advocate For Professional Achievement

Keith Mann was born in Manchester, United Kingdom and is currently the Chief Executive Officer for Dynamic Search Partners, a business he co-founded. Keith Mann is a specialist with fifteen years experience with hedge fund account compensation, employment techniques and staffing. His business features providing expert advice in advertising and marketing, hiring investment and internal strategies.

Keith Mann is also a writer and an animal rights advocate. He is active in the Animal Liberation Front movement. Keith Mann was very driven to assure that the legal rights of all animals were taken into concern, and he would go to the extremes for animal rights. He has also worked at an animal sanctuary. He became aware of animal confinement while as a youth he worked on a dairy farm and soon observed that the cows were weeping for their eliminated calves. This was a long lasting memory that was Keith’s moment of inspiration, one which would lead his life to become an advocate for the Animal Liberation Front and other groups devoted to freeing animals from suffering.

Keith Mann, being a business owner, realizes the problems that occur with being a business owner. This is why he has put together a scholarship grant known as the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship. It is for the professional achievement that acknowledges prospective business owners in the New York City area.

The scholarship winner will be announced at the end of March 2016. The winner will receive $5,000 for their college expenses. The scholarship will be granted to a high school senior that will be graduating from the Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, New York. The applicant will be required to write a one thousand word essay describing how they plan to use a college degree to develop into a professional. The winner of the scholarship will be announced towards the end of March.

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Handy Slated for More Explosive Growth

In an article for The Next Web, the founder of Handy, Oisin Hanrahan, detailed how he helped sky rocket this on-demand cleaning and handyman services company into a total powerhouse in just a few short years. Handy is now worth an estimated $500 million and just received $50 million in cash for continued investment. Hanrahan is feeling extremely energized and possitive for the continued possibilities for growth for Handy in coming years as it explores new markets and opportunities to expand into different types of services.

Right now, on-demand cleaning services makes up about 80 percent of Handy’s total business, while handyman type services comprise the rest. Hanrahan is considering expanding out into furniture delivery and assembly as a new way to increase Handy’s customer base. By choosing New York City for Handy’s inaugural location, Hanrahan found that Handy was never in short supply of customers for its services. Handy uses a heavily based independent contractor model to staff its services. Currently, Handy has approximately 160 actual employees and uses about 10,000 independent contractors to fulfill orders, which seem to be continuing to rise and allows great flexibility for its contractors.

Hanrahan says that he never really concerned himself with keeping up with competition as he developed the concept for Handy and got the company off the ground, Rather, Hanrahan stayed tuned in to the market and constantly looked for ways to address demands that he saw for service industries. During his time working in real estate development, Hanrahan noticed that it was extremely difficult to find a handyman service for smaller type jobs, which property owners may not be capable of doing themselves or do not have the requisite support staff to take care of. This is where his idea for Handy was born and almost became an overnight sensation.

Bob Reina And Talk Fusion: Taking Marketing To Another Level

Talk Fusion is a marketing company which provides access to an online marketing platform and advanced video communication technology. Together they have reshaped email marketing, networking, and online video conferencing. These technologies can be used to promote any type of business online. When Talk Fusion began many years ago, its primary focus was showing businesses the power of video email marketing to connect their business to their customers efficiently and effectively. Today this multilevel marketing company offers a whole host of digital products that make marketing a breeze.

Talk Fusion Products

Talk Fusion sells a wide range of digital marketing products that help to promote all types of businesses online. Their products make it easier to connect with customers and develop leads. Today their expanded digital product line includes:

1. Video Email: Provides instant uploading and an easy way to send video.

2. Fusion On The Go: A mobile app that allows video messaging from iPads, iPhones, Tablets, Android phones, and any other mobile device.

3. Video News Letter: This enables businesses to send customized video newsletters to their customers and prospects.

4. E-Subscription and Video Auto Responders: Allows for custom capture pages which after opting in can be held with other leads in the video auto-responder and be used to send video emails as follow up.

5. Fusion Wall: Enables you to post videos on consumers’ video wall.

6. Video Blog: Can be used as a platform for blogging on any topic.

7. Video Share: Allows for sharing videos to over 200 very popular social networking sites.

8. Connect: Offers a platform for hosting webinars with as many as 500 participants.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina. Reina was a former police officer with a reputation for civic contributions and charitable donations, and 20 years experience in advertising and marketing. He wanted to send email with 10-second video. America Online told him it wasn’t possible. Reina believed it was. He created Talk Fusion by assembling a team of specialists. The company is now in 85 countries and is the world’s 8th biggest online video content provider.

Highland Capital Management Believes Argentina’s Debt Is A Good Investment

Argentina is a massive country, and it’s known for being the home of the Andes Mountains, large cattle herds, fertile grasslands and glacier lakes. The people are steak, football and tango lovers. In terms of government, Argentina has always been a Peronist country that shunned democracy and accumulated a lot of debt. But the government changed in 2015. A long-shot Democratic candidate, Mauricio Macri, was elected president and the country started to realize that economic growth mattered, according to hedge fund investor and the CEO of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero.

James Dondero has been investing in emerging market for more than 20 years. Highland Capital has more than $20 billion assets under management, but Argentina debt was never part of the company’s extensive portfolio until recently. Jim Dondero is known for taking risks and jumping into the Argentinian debt debacle was certainly a risk. In 2001, Argentina defaulted on their obligation to pay $82 billion in debt, and the hedge funds that held that debt battled with the Argentinian government for years in order to resolve the debt issue.

While the debt battle was going on, James Dondero watched as Argentina was sued in U.S. court and refused to reach an agreement after a verdict was handed down in favor of the hedge funds. Dondero and Highland Capital finally made a move in 2014. Highland Capital bought $4 billion of Argentina’s outstanding debt because Dondero believed change was coming to the fourth largest economy in South America. He was right. In 2015, Mauricio Macri, the civil engineer and son of a prominent lawyer was elected president, and he vowed to pull the country out of debt.

One of his first moves as president was to make an agreement with the old bond holders that they could live with. His next move was to consolidate the country’s debt and sell new bonds with a 2033 maturity date, according to an article about Argentina, and the country’s desire to get the economy moving published by

The article mentioned Jim Dondero and his plan to buy a sizable amount of Argentina’s debt bonds. In fact, Highland Capital is investing most of the funds the company has allocated to their emerging market sector in Argentina’s debt. The article also mentions the changes President Mauricio Macri is making in financial departments in his government. It appears Argentina’s president wants to get back into economic growth mode, and he isn’t afraid to let the world know Argentina is a different country now.

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Use Investment Banking to Secure The Future

Investment banking is a win-win opportunity for those putting their money and for those who are receiving the money. Initially, investment banking is designed to create capital for the government as well as other institutions. However, they can also be used as a way to save your money whereby you can then retrieve it in the future with some percentage of profits.
This technique works starting from the investment banks that start by underwriting a new debt and different types of equity securities, help in selling securities as well as facilitate the mergers and acquisitions. The investment banks also deal with restructuring and broker trades belonging to private investors and also organizations. Additionally, these institutions are run by highly qualified personnel hence making them the best place to receive guidance when it comes to putting stocks.
Investment banking is all about building wealth using the assets you already have instead of stacking all your money in your back pocket. There are a few investment vehicles that will reassure you get your money back as well as profits over a long period.
Select the best institution and account that will give you the highest returns. After all, the salaries that we earn in this era are not sufficient enough to sustain us and therefore, you need to have a backup plan. Also, you need to achieve your financial goals in the earliest time possible giving you more time to start up your business or even expand your business to something more worthwhile.
Martin Lustgarten was wise enough to get into investment banking immediately he saw an open window. As a businessman, he did not take chances. Martin founded the Lustgarten Martin Investment Bank that has grown steadily over the years. Martin dedicated a lot of his time and expertise such that he managed to get among the best deals anyone could come across. As time goes by, he looks forward to his company expanding and working itself into the global market.
Martin is a family guy too and enjoys spending ample time with his two children. If his Instagram is anything to go by, he is an active social media fan. Additionally, he is a vintage collector of watches.

Fine Hair Beware: Wen by Chaz Will Shape You Up

Proof that Wen hair can liven up even the most overworked hair is here. In an article posted on, a self-pronounced hair care junkie took the plunge testing Wen by Chaz for seven days with surprising results.

Experiencing immediate results on day one of her experiment, this blogger continues to record daily results for one week. Boasting of thin, flat hair, this blogger noticed a difference in her styling abilities and the results she receives after using WEN hair products. She takes the reader through her week, describing the texture and the results of her experiment. Despite being skeptical, this user is sold in the end: Wen hair helps thin, fine, limp hair with a boost of life. Read about this users experience here:

WEN hair by Chaz Dean is a full line of hair care products which are natural yet effective in adding shine, bounce, and health back into hair. Wen by Chaz features a range of shampoos, conditioners, styling products including brushes for any kind of hair.

A myriad of products are available through the brand’s site:

Not sure what kind of product you need? Take Wen By Chaz’s product recommender. Tell Wen by Chaz your concerns and get recommendations based on your hair type.


Skout Feeds the Hungry

One thing that makes Skout stand out from other social media companies is that they donate to charities in order to help feed starving people. Skout not only does its own acts of kindness for people that are struggling, but it also encourages their users to do the same for others. Skout is currently announcing its efforts to people in their social media platforms so that they could get involved in the charitable efforts. Among the things they do is send virtual gifts which are converted into actual donations. The deal is for Skout users to send their friends a virtual bag of chips. For each bag that is given out, there will be a cash donation made to the Food Bank. The goal is 20,000 meals.

One of the main features of Skout is that it encourages people to actually meet each other in person unlike other social media platforms. People who meet up and become friends on Skout are more likely to meet each other somewhere. Skout also has a travel feature that allows users to find a good place to meet in various parts of the world.

Skout is putting its success to good use by participating in charities and getting involved in philanthropic pursuits.  Starvation is one issue that is worth looking into Skout understands the importance of making sure that people who have less are able to eat and care for themselves. In San Francisco alone, a quarter of the residents are on the verge of starvation. Skout is really passionate about the residents in its community and wants to make sure that they are a part of the solution.

Website Addresses Popular but Inaccurate Beliefs About the Koch Brothers

On March 10, the Bill Moyers website published an article by Alexander Hertel-Fernandez and Theda Skocpol about what they call “myths” popularly believed about the Koch Brothers.

Charles and David Koch together own and run Koch Industries, making them multibillionaires each. Koch Industries is the second-largest privately held corporation in the United States.

They are now well-known, especially Charles Koch. Most people, especially the politically active, know the two brothers raise money for conservative political causes. However, according to the article writers, most people believe things about the two brothers which are inaccurate. They want to correct the record.

One of the “myths” the authors wish to debunk is the idea that the Charles Koch funds hundreds of conservative groups, that they are behind virtually every rightwing group in the United States from Americans United for Life to the Heritage Foundation. The Center for Responsive Politics published a chart of their “Maze of Money” which makes it look like the organizations they support form a vast hydra-headed conspiracy.

According to the authors, the reality is, in a way, worse. Rather than fund everybody to the left of Hillary Clinton with a political shotgun, they focus and concentrate their spending for maximum effectiveness. Instead, they have some core organizations.  The main organization is Americans for Prosperity (AFP). It has a large staff, a bankroll and lists of millions of conservative donors. It opposes Democratic candidates, supports conservative Republican candidates and pushes to pass laws the Koch Brothers support.

They also fund a few organizations oriented toward specific groups. The Libre Initiative aims at Hispanics, Generation Opportunity at young people and Concerned Veterans for Americans at veterans. Aegis Strategic looks out for promising young politicians to train and recruit.

After all, they employ more people than the Republican Party and raise more money. According to the authors, the Koch Brothers need and interact as part of the Republican Party. They point out the Republican Party frontrunner, Donald Trump, is not a member of the Koch network, and is appealing to ordinary voters with policies the Koch Brothers disagree with.

Charles is Chief Executive Office of Koch Industries and David Koch is Executive Vice President. Their father, Fred Koch, founded the company. Together, they have grown it by a large amount since Charles Koch took over from Fred.

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